You are at your best when you are authentic to your core. – Bishop T. D. Jakes

I am yet to see anyone who does not want to be a success. Being a success is everyone’s dream. Right from little we all have our ideal success dream that we want to be or look like. Success means different things to different people at different ages. What exactly is ‘success’? How do we know success when we see one? To many, success equals money and power. Our society have associated success to money and money to success. If you have enough of money to throw around, then you are a success. Little wonder we celebrate thieves and scoundrels, just because they have billions of money in their account. Success, according to the dictionary is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status.

I have come to realize that success is internal to me, it is encoded in my being, in my core. All I need is to look inside and live it out. Success that is defined from the external, by the world definition will keep changing because the world is not stationary, it is evolving and will not last. Lasting success can only come from inside of you. Like Bishop T. d. Jakes said, you are only at your best when you are authentic to your core. Stephen Covey defined success as fulfilling the purpose for which God created you. He explained that if we carefully consider what we want to be said of us in the funeral experience, then we will find our definition of success.

So what is success to you? Have you taken time to carve out what success means to you? Until you defined what success means to you, success will be an illusion. Here are a few tips to guide you to your success.

  • Success is not defined by how much money you have. Success include money but it is not defined by it. So stop defining your success by how much money you want to have. Money has wings and do fly away but true success is eternal.
  • Success differs from one person to another, so don’t look at others to define your success. Success for your friend might be having a successful career while yours might be to have a cordial and loving marital life, or to spend more time with your children. So don’t look at someone else life to grade your success.
  • Success is not stagnant or stationary. It changes as your life evolves so constantly evaluate your definition as your grow. As a teenager, graduating from high school might be adequate and relevant, however to a graduate, getting married or securing a good job will be more relevant. Take time to evaluate what is relevant and top priorities to you, then make your decision.
  • Go at your pace. Define your timelines. Don’t use someone else timing to judge your success. We are different and life is in phases. Do your best however do not kill yourself if you are not where others are. Check and cross check to ensure that your success is truly reflection of you not someone else because there lies in the true success.

Here is my own definition of success. To me, success is being in sync with my maker and inner self and having a loving relationship with people around me. Take time to define yours as this will guide you in the choices you make. Keep winning!

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