Except if you live in a fictional utopian city, you are going to experience some disappointment if you ever aim higher. If you make any attempt to get something better or aim higher than your current situation, it is possible that you will not hit the mark sometimes.

It’s disappointing to have worked so hard at certain endeavors, and we ended up not getting our desired results.

It’s discouraging to have put in your best, raise your hopes about certain things, only to end up not getting them.

People tend to do one of two things;

1. Give up, settle 

2. Get back up and re-strategize

Option 1 is easy, But you won’t be able to become the best you can be

Option 2 is hard but highly rewarding. With it, you have a higher chance of accomplishing your goals.

But we all know that it’s easier to say – never give up than actually having to endure pains and disappointment. 

However, to really live a fulfilled life, you must be able to get back up after experiencing disappointment or failure.

You must be able to dust-up, clean yourself up, and move forward towards your goals.

Except if you do not have any ambition, if you clinger onto the safety of your comfort zone, it is most likely sure that as long as you stay ambitious and stretch beyond your capacity, you will experience your fair disappointments in your life.

Disappointments can be discouraging, but it is not final.

Disappointments is painful but it is not a permanent condition

Disappointments create learning opportunities 

Disappointments can be use as an improvement plan.

1. Separate yourself from the failure.

After experiencing multiple set backs, many people will shrink back and feel that you can’t accomplish your plans

– assume that you are a failure,

– not good enough

– not smart enough, no talent

– tempted to slow down and accept your situation 

I want to encourage and tell you that you are not a failure.

– the disappointment is temporary, it will only become permanent if you let it.

– you are

– So the number one thing is that – You should not see yourself as a failure if things don’t work according to your plans. Give yourself the opportunity to try again.

2. Document your lessons learned

– Madness is doing things the same way over and over again, and expecting a different result.

– What can you learn from your past attempt.

– Take lessons – to improve, to prepare better when you give it another try.

– Job interview – You did not get the job (Reach out to get feedback)

– Use the feedback as a cheat sheet of what you need to do and things you need to eliminate.

– So that’s number two, capture lesson learned so that you can position yourself better in your future attempt.

3. Create a new strategy 

– Obviously you were disappointed because things did not work out the way you planned.

– You need to ask yourself – What could I have done better? If you find out that there are other ways of doing things – 

– Come up with new strategies that will help improve your chances of success in your future attempt.

– New strategies – Talking to people that have succeeded in the past, training, learning, associating the right people, seeking info, etc

– New strategy can sometimes also mean changing your plans – but make sure that you are not changing to run away from your challenges or settle for what you do not desire.

– Again, don’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

– If things are not working, there is a reason, changing your strategy can help you uncover flaws in your plans, and you can fix those flaws as you move forward.

4. Don’t settle

– I know that disappointment is painful. It is a big blow to us, but we should let it hold us back.

– Don’t let a past disappointment stop you from falling in love again

– Don’t let any past failure in an exam prevent you from writing another exam.

– Don’t let the fact that you did not get hired for the position you desired stopped you from applying to other similar positions in the future.

– Don’t let the pain of being let go from your high paying job stop you from looking for other high-paying jobs.

– Don’t let the fact that your business failed kill your entrepreneurial spirit.

– You have to dream again, hope again, keep pushing, and remain enthusiastic and optimistic that, even though you experience a temporary setback in your journey – you have everything it takes to be successful, because you are not a failure.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Indeed success is not final – You will find out that once you have achieved a goal, you keep increasing your aim, and you will want to accomplish more.

A $1M business will not just say, that’s it, we are done. They increase the target to become $2M, $5M, $10M, and hopefully someday become a billion-dollar company.

Failure is not fatal. It is not the end. It only becomes permanent when you let it. 

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