And there was evening and there was morning a new day, a new year, a new chapter of our life. [Genesis 1:13, 19, 23; paraphrase included]

The beginning of a new thing is always exciting. There is always a new joy, a new hope and expectation that things will be different from the previous one. However, to harness the new hope and expectation and make it count, we need to maximize the year and each day in it.

One of the resources we need to make each day count is harnessing the power of the day – the cool of the day!

The cool of the day means the time when we can perform certain tasks effectively with little or no effort. It is that time of the day when the condition to carry out certain task is favourable. The task could be – read or write a book, take a decision, think through a process or prepare for an exam. Making use of such time, will help us to maximize our output and get better result while minimizing the effort. Take for instance, the eagle doesn’t fly when other birds are out flying, exerting and flapping their wings. Rather, it takes advantage of the warm air, wind or the storm to fly. This makes it soar at an higher altitude than any other birds. So also, certain tasks can be performed better when done at certain time of the day. Lindsay Kolowich shared an infographic from NetCredit that might assist in maximizing our time, here is the link

Below are some tips to help us get started on the journey.

  • Know yourself:

Who are you and what do you like to do and how do you like to do it? What are the things that comes naturally to you? When do you do certain things best? Take time and observe yourself. Learn your system pattern and metabolism. Study when you are at your best and do certain task well.

  • Know your timing:

Having understood yourself and what you enjoy doing, you should also understand your timing. Are you a morning person or an evening person. Do you get things done better in the morning when the day is starting or in the evening when everyone has gone to bed? Some people are wired for the mornings while some work best at night. Reading for some is best absorbed in the morning while some work when there is silence.

  • Create your timing:

Create enough of your timing yourself. For instance, if you are a morning person, it could mean you get things done after a good sleep or when there is much silence. Ensure you always have a good sleep often, during the day and after a good sleep do the things that requires to be done. If you work best with silence, look for spot that are quiet or allow you to be quiet such as gardens or the woods to allow you do the things that you want.

  • Plan ahead:

Plan ahead the things you want get done around your timing in order to properly manage your schedule. Planning ahead will ensure you don’t lack for what to do when you have your timing.

  • Get rid of distractions:

Avoid any distractions that may hinder your effective time. For instance, if you are most effective in the morning, you should avoid things that keeps you awake late into the night such as watching TVs, gisting or eating late etc. Ensure you go to bed on time so you can rise up early refreshed not tired.

  • Work your plan:

Plan are what they are if not worked on – Plan. So work on your plan continually till it yields the result you want.

Keep winning!

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