Whether you are just starting in your career or looking for a new opportunity, exploring the possibilities of working remotely should be a part of your strategy. Advancement in technology has made it a lot easier to have people in the same teamwork from anywhere in the world. According to a survey, about 76% of survey respondents said fully remote work option is their top choice for employment.

Remote jobs offer multiple benefits, and more companies are beginning to adopt this option as part of their corporate policies. The most significant advantage of working remotely is that it eliminates the need to commute. The average commute for more workers is about forty minutes each way, and when you add it up, that’s over three hundred wasted hours in a year. The commute costs you money, and it pollutes the atmosphere. The flexibility of remote working means that workers can set their schedules, boost their productivity, save time, and money, which has a powerful effect on reducing stress.

IF you are looking for a job that you can work remotely, you should definitely check out the following job boards.

The first concern that most people have about remote jobs is how to be sure if the job is real. Flexjobs eliminates that concern by helping job seekers weed out the scams and only bring genuine opportunities to job candidates. This way, you are not wasting your time following up with postings that will not lead you to your desired job. They make the process of applying for jobs better, easier, faster, and safer. Check out their website to learn more about they operate here.


This is a membership-driven community, and they specialized in tech-related jobs such as Data Science, Software design, application development, programming, and so on. They have a dedicated forum for helping people find jobs, sharing interview preparation tips, to help job candidates succeed in their job search. If you have any tech-related skills, you should consider looking for remote jobs on Remotive.


This is an online job board dedicated to connecting talented people who seek remote careers, especially in tech, marketing, and customer support fields. To get started, you will need to create your profile and upload your resume on their website, and Jobspresso will take it up from there, sending you jobs that matched your profile and qualifications. Click hereto learn more

We Work Remotely (WWR)

WWR boasts as one of the biggest online platforms for remote jobs where you can find full time and part-time customer support, programming, design, and marketing positions. When you subscribe to their newsletter, they will start sending regular job alerts to you, depending on your field. Companies like Google, Invision, and Amazon already use WWR. Click here to learn more about their application process.

If you are looking for a remote job as a developer, customer service rep, recruiter, designer, data entry, administrative assistant, accounting, or sales professional, you should check out They send weekly updates on the latest remote jobs that you can explore. Here is a linkto their website if you want to learn more.

If you prefer to apply directly to companies, here are some organizations that will allow you to work 100% remotely:

Collage is a photo company, and they specialize in creating photo blankets, photo books, canvases, pillows, and more. The company boast as the first all-remote company that lets employees live and work from anywhere in the world. You can apply for jobs directly on their website; they are actively hiring software engineers. According to the co-founder, “getting rid of a physical office has helped Collage attract top talents like you.”. This is the main reason why they allow their employees to work completely remotely.


This is a performance marketing agency that connects clients with partners, and its employees work remotely from the US and Europe. According to the company “We believe in the power and flexibility in our own lives to go beyond the borders of the traditional workspace”


Toptal is an exclusive network of freelancers, mostly focused on software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers all over the world. They connect thousands of the world’s top 3% of freelancers with startup companies in Silicon Valley and most parts of the world. The company encourages its remote workforce to choose any lifestyle they want, no matter where they live. Companies like Airbnb, Bridgestone, Shopify are some of the Toptal clients.


Elastic is a search company that helps people use their platform to explore and analyze data in a unique and superb way. Elastic offers both partial and 100% remote option to its employees in marketing, software development, project management, consulting, and IT.


This company was created to improve the healthcare delivery system by uniting patients and providers through technology. They hire roles such as Project Manager, Software engineer, sales engineer, product manager, etc.


Zapier helps busy people easily connect and automate the apps they use daily to boost productivity. They move information between web applications automatically so that people can focus on other important work. They offer 100% remote working opportunities with employees in 30 countries around the world.

Here are some of the most in-demand professions for remote working:

Online Tutor

If you can teach and have high-speed internet connections, you can immediately become a teacher and make money while working from home. Here are some platforms that pay you to teach students through video conferencing.

Average Income: $20 per hour.

Customer Service Rep

If you have the passion and skills to listen to and resolve customer issues, you can do it right from your home’s comfort. Your job as a customer service rep requires you to have excellent listening and phone skills because you will talk to people all over the world.

Average Salary: $15 per hour.

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

More and more people are taking their businesses online. You can help people achieve their business goals and also make money by working as a Web developer. The good news here is that you can do this from home. You can also check out Fiverr and Upwork to create your profile as a freelance web developer and graphic designer.

Average Salary: $35 per hour.

Freelance Writer

If you love writing, you can also make money doing what you love. Whether it is in a business proposal or technical writing, you can work as an independent writer and earn as much as six figures in a year.

Average Salary: $75 per hour.

Here are some platforms that you can work as a writer:

Sales Associates

When many people think about sales positions, they always think about face-to-face sales professionals. These are called “Outside Sales specialist.” There are inside sales professionals as well, and they do most of their jobs remotely and online. They provide quotes, send specifications, and datasheets to customers, make sales calls, and close deals. Most people in sales roles make a commission, which is often a percentage of their sales.

Average Salary: $45 per hour.

It’s always a great thing to put your best foot forward when looking for a new job opportunity. Check out Resumeble to help you write a professional resume and cover letter that will clearly and accurately represent your experience to the potential employer. The new digital economy has made it possible for anyone to work remotely and make a living doing so. This post provides a guide for you to join the 21st century workforce.

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