Someone once said no one ever buys products and services, what they are really buying is a promise. Your personal economy is moved by the strength of your promise.

Let me simplify it, I am not buying a particular brand of refrigerator because it can cool or the brand is popular. Before I knew the brand, I heard a promise that this brand will give me what I need in terms of refrigerating. I went ahead to trust this brand based on its promise to give me best quality.

What is your product or service promising its customers? Are they achievable promises, so that you have fulfilled them? Remember also, a promise is a debt- on the flip side, how much or how many people are you indebted to based on unfulfilled promises?

To this end, I would like to say;

  1. Have a promise that is achievable, concise and in line with delivery of your product and service.
  2. If you do not make up to the promise, you get a bad name. Note that a good name is better than riches. Some customers do not give second chances to a bad experience. Bad news also spread so fast; you will be surprised how many people know of the one bad experience than the many good ones.
  3. Run with the promise, don’t stop…just keep moving in the forward direction.
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