I’m sure you’ve heard this so many times, “You have to be passionate to be successful at what you do.” I agree with that statement, but I also think that it will be helpful to find ways of helping people that are less passionate about what they do, to find some passion at work. If finding passion is a pre-requisite to achieving success, then teaching people how to become passionate at anything they do will essentially help more people to achieve success.

Passion is vital in everything we do. Passionate people carry more energy, enthusiasm, and they always seem to be happier than the apathetic folks. In the workplace, passionate people are always at the forefront when it comes to coming up with ideas, executing on projects, and achieving meaningful results. 

If you want to achieve more, become more, then you need to find creative ways to connect passion with your work. Passion is that natural pull that attracts you towards what you do. When talking about your career, passion is what should ideally get you up in the morning, it is what gets you excited about driving to work, and it keeps you motivated at work to achieve meaningful results.
I once had a job that I was not so much passionate about because it required to traveled all around the country for a long stretch of time. Although I enjoy traveling, the locations that I typically go, and coupled with the fact that I had a young family then made it challenging for me. I know that to excel at my work, I needed to find ways to stay passionate in that unwanted situation. So shifted my focus from the regular travel to the perks that come from each of my trips. 

Needless to say, I began to look forward to the trips because I was able to find things that actually motivate me to go on the trips, and I was able to stay motivated and found passion at work. I believe that in every bad situation, there can be some little bit of good things hidden somewhere, you only have to look around to discover them. 
Are you working at a job that you are not passionate about today? Would you like to turn that situation around by connecting passion with your work? Here are the seven creative ways to stay passionate at work.
So, Let me go ahead and share seven ways you can stay passionate at work.
1.   Identify the purpose of the role: Are you in a position today that you are not excited or passionate about? Find the purpose of why you are hired. Is it because you need to make more sales so that your company can make more money? Is it to help the company to design its new product that will solve specific challenges for humanity? Whatever the case may be, you need to understand your impact on the organization. You need to know why you were hired, and you must have the sense of teamwork, and know that if you are not doing your best job, it can impact the overall performance of your team. So, identify your role at work, and it will help to motivate you to stay committed and excited about the job. 

2.   Commit to making the situation temporary: If you are currently working in a job that you are not passionate about, I need you to ensure that it did not become a permanent situation. You cannot live to your fullest potential if you stay long at a job that you are not passionate or happy about. Make it temporary by working on getting a better position that will closely match your desires.
3.   Build needed skills to excel: You found yourself in a position that you are not passionate about, you need to do everything you can to learn and acquire as many skills as you can in the role, and do all you can to find something else that you can enjoy and be more productive. When I used to travel to those remote locations, I had the opportunity of meeting new people from time to time. I learn the skills of connecting and interacting with people, and later in my career, I found myself in another position that involved regular interaction with clients. The skills that I learned on the job that I was not passionate about helped me to connect and understand my customer. So build some skills in that position is the message here.
4.   Re-assess the situation: Is it possible that there was something in particular that you did not enjoy about your job? Is there anything you can do to take out that specific thing that you don’t enjoy? Let me give you an example, let’s say you are employed by Walmart to work as a Cashier at the checkout point, but you do not like this particular role. You should try other positions within Walmart – Sales associate (help customer finds what they want), Stocker (keep shelves stocked for customers). The point here is that you need to identify what you don’t like, and find ways of doing less of those things, and move towards what you considered enjoyable. That way, you will be able to work and stay passionate at work.
5.   Embrace the challenges: Why are you not enjoying the job? Was it because of the difficulties, you may need to step up and embrace the challenges that come with the position to have some fun and stay passionate in your career? Be a learner, and understand that problems are part of the growth process. Without confronting and learning from those challenges, it will be difficult for you to grow and advance in your career, so you need to see the challenges as opportunities to learn and that the reward for you, if you learn, is career growth and progression that will come as you overcome the obstacles and difficulties in your job.
6.   Find allies & mentors: Is your work a friendly place? Maybe you need to find friends and associates at work. Do you need to develop a close relationship with your colleagues at work? You can also find mentors at work that can guide you on how best to maximize your potential and enjoy your work. Having allies at work will help you to develop the necessary relationship and build the essential network that you can share pains and struggle together, and of course, you can also share your success stories with your allies. The message here is that you need to find some sweet spots at work that will make the place more interesting to go. 
7.   Be bold & quit: There is a common saying that “Winners don’t quit.” While I consider perseverance as a great skill, I also believe that knowing when to quit is a useful attribute to possess. Is the job situation not improving? You have tried all the suggestions above, and nothing seems to be working. I would rather have a happy quitter than a sad winner on my team. If you are not excited and passionate about your work, then you should be bold enough to leave and look for something new to do.  

Many people go to work that they are not passionate about. They work for a living without actually living. They are in a constant sad state and are only happy on weekends. I don’t want you to live your life that way. I want you to thrive and grow in your career. The only way to do so is to connect purpose with your work and do your job so passionately that you are ready to go the next day. That’s the way to live to your fullest potential. That’s the way you can say WORK IS FUN.

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