At a workshop of recent, the facilitator explained that the output of pictures depends on the lens used in the camera. For instance, if a smartphone is used to take a picture, the output of the object would be different if the same picture were taken using digital camera. The facilitator went further to ask what if the lens in the smartphone was change to an infrared lens and a picture of the same object is taken, what would be the output. The output will be the structure of the object. The question then is, has the object changed? What changed for the output to change? The lens used.

It can then be said that what is seen is directly proportional to the lens used. The output of a lens depends on the type of lens being used. What are you seeing in life and in people? what lens do you have on? Gratitude or Bitterness? Check the output of your mental pictures? Are they positive or negative? The answer might give you the indication of the lens you have on. Some see a glass of water as half empty while others see it as half full. Same object but different lens. Change your lens and you will change the mental pictures you are producing in your mind, which in turn is controlling the outcome of your life. See life through the gratitude lens.

Aside from the lens used to capture the mental picture, how clean are the lenses? This too affect the output of picture. Seeing through a dirty glass or colored glass may cover the true reality of the picture.

How do we clean the lens of our eyes? What is the lens of our eyes? It is our mind. The mind is a great invention of God. We see and interpret images with our mind. What we see depend on the state of our mind. Happy or worried. No wonder the great book says be renewed in the spirit of your mind Ephesians 4:23. How can one renew his mind? What we listen to and see shape our minds and how it behaves? Keep track of what you listen to and see. Read the word of God and meditate on it day and night Joshua 1:8.

Keep winning

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