Becoming an Achiever

Becoming an achiever is no easy task, in fact there are some vital steps that must be taken first before we can even think of persevering. We must be practical and realistic when it comes to achievement. For example, it doesn’t matter how many college applications one completes and submits, if they have not first completed a high school diploma or equivalent, they will simply not qualify for college admission. To pursue a college degree is an excellent goal, however the prerequisites must be met before that goal can become a reality. The same concept applies to achievement in any arena. There are a few basic steps that must come first:

  1. Learn and Develop – As expected the first step to achievement is learning and developing your craft or skill. The more you know your talent, the more prepared you will be in your given industry. Preparation gets you about 75% to your goal. If you have a desire to achieve in the area of music you must put in the effort and hard work to learning your skill. Learn how to read music, study great composers and producers, learn an instrument, etc. Completely submerge yourself into the world of music and become a well-rounded musician. Learning and skills development is the bedrock for achieving anything in life.
  2. Set Goals – The next step in becoming an achiever is to learn the act of setting goals. As with everything else in life you must know where you are going. I agree with Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland when he said, “If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there”. Having a goal is like having a tour guide that will take you from point A to point B when you are in an unfamiliar terrain. A goal should be realistic and attainable. When setting your goals, you will want to have the end in mind. Ask yourself, “where do I see myself in 10 years?” What do I need to start doing today that will help make my vision a reality?
  3. Plan of Action – Next, develop a plan of action to make it to your goal. Many larger goals will have to be segmented into smaller goals. For instance, in the analogy regarding the college degree, the first goal would be to earn a high school diploma or equivalent. Perhaps the next step would be to choose a major. The next step would be to research schools, etc. Map out a plan of action that will get you to your ultimate goal.
  4. Plan B-Z – Finally, prepare for detours, road-blocks, and redirections. Achievers are experts at redirection. When plan A does not work, an achiever has alternatives and is able to adjust their original plan. If you plan on achieving and succeeding you must learn how to be flexible. Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea and will lead to frustration. If you remain flexible you are better able to adjust and keep going, which is what’s necessary if you are serious about achieving your goals.
  5. Set more goals – Finally, an achiever is never really finishes achieving. An achiever always has a new goal in mind. Achievement is a lifestyle and they are not content with achieving one thing, but rather use their first achievement as a springboard for another goal. A true achiever is always looking for areas to improve and will never become complacent after an achievement. Always look for the next area in which you can achieve.
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