The Laws of Achievement

Anyone can become an achiever in their chosen field of endeavor by developing the achiever’s mentality. There are a few very basic laws of achievement that will prove necessary in any area of life. Putting these laws into practice are the first step to long-term success.

  1. The Law of “No” – Everyone that wants to become an achiever should learn how to embrace and even like the word “No”. That may sound surprising and even puzzling however there is an explanation to this idea. As mentioned, achievement has a lot to do with staying power, are you able to endure when the others have given up? The Law of ‘No’ is a ratio, a law of averages. Every achievement has its own ratio. I used to sell gym memberships for a living. I had a 60% closing rate which meant for every ten qualified buyers I talked with, six would buy. Knowing these ratios made it easier to deal with the ‘no’ because I knew that if I heard a no from client A, statistically I should hear a yes from client B. As a result, I learned to appreciate the word no. People that give up often do so because they’ve gotten frustrated by hearing the word no. If you knew that you would have to hear 99 ‘no’s before you can get a ‘yes’, and it was guaranteed that on the 100th try you would succeed, wouldn’t you feel a little better about the word no? You’d chase the word ‘no’, because with every ‘no’, it means that you are closer to a ‘yes’. The law of ‘no’ is real. Every ‘no’ that you hear, gets you closer to a yes. Don’t let them no’s frustrate you, keep going, and you will soon become an achiever.
  2. The Law of Positivity – Learning how to look at the positive side of everything is essential in becoming an achiever. To succeed in life, you must learn how to turn a ‘no’ into a positive, you must be able to see the positive side of a seemingly unpleasant situation, and you must have the conviction within you that the outcome will be to your favor. There is nothing so bad that you should dwell on it and allow it to discourage you. There are opportunities to explore in some bad situations around you, all you need to do is to search and think about how to turn the situation around for your good.
  3. The Law of Visualization – The Bible teaches that we should write the vision and make it plain. When you can see something mentally, you have a better chance of turning it into a reality. You must learn how to keep the vision of your goal ever before you if you want to achieve it. If you lose sight of the vision you will get sidetracked and ultimately you will give up.
  4. The Law of Failure – Fail Forward – Failure is a natural part of achievement process, but you have the choice to either fail backward, or fail forward. Failing forward means that you are using the failure constructively. You are learning from your mistakes and making adjustments, by using the failure in a positive manner to forge ahead. Don’t allow failure to waste by not learning from it.
  5. The Law of Perseverance – Enjoy the journey and trust the process. What good is running a marathon if you never enjoy the view along the way. Sure, you want to finish but why not embrace all of the wonderful scenery while you’re running. Your road to achievement should be enjoyable. You should have fun. You should be learning and meeting new people. This is what it’s going to take in order to keep you on track. Otherwise, you will give up. You will become so miserable on the journey that you will stop. If you want to achieve, you must persevere until you accomplish your goal.
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