Qualities of an Achiever

There is a certain mindset that all achievers have. It does not matter the field of endeavor, or the goals they have set, there are some things that are true for all achievers. The mentality of an achiever is unique. This is why only a few people become an achiever, because becoming a true achiever require a special mind-set. An achiever cares little about what other people think about their goals and dreams and has the uncanny ability to focus on their goals despite naysayers and distractions. The ability to withstand negativity is paramount to become an achiever.

Sanballat and Tobiah attempted to discourage Nehemiah in the Bible and the other Israelites from completing the wall around Jerusalem but Nehemiah had an achiever’s mentality. Thus, despite their ploys to get him to come down from doing his work on the wall, Nehemiah kept working. Many ordinary people would fall for the tricks of the enemy and become distracted or sidetracked thereby ending up giving up on their mission. An achiever has the ability to ignore those that are not helpful in the process of achievement, and they can discern those that do offer constructive criticisms. That way, they are able to pick up useful advice that will help them to fulfill their goals.

Achievers are not often fooled into doing things that have little to do with their ultimate goal. An achiever is mentally focused on what needs to be done and has the ability to prioritize and organize to be most effective. An achiever tests every decision against the ultimate goal by asking a very simple question, “In what way does this help me reach success?” If an achiever cannot seem to reconcile how a particular decision would help to reach his goal, an achiever will dismiss the option. The wind does not drive an achiever, but is directed very strategically by well-thought out goals and calculations.

Achievers are never emotionally led individuals. I have never met a successful person that allows emotions to control their decisions. Successful people can rightly divide truth from how they feel and make decisions based on reality. A true achiever does not allow their emotions to lead the way because they know that emotions are fleeting and that they will ultimately change.

The mentality of an achiever is something that can be learned. While some are innately born having the achiever’s mentality, others must learn the concepts and put them to action. The first step to achievement is to decide today that you will adopt an achiever’s mentality if you have not already done so. Make up your mind today that you will succeed and persevere through all adversity knowing that you have been blessed to fulfill your purpose and become an achiever.

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