It’s the way you react or respond to situations or events around you.

People often react differently to somewhat similar situations and circumstances.

Your reaction is closely tied to your attitude regarding your situation.

The good news – You can choose how you react

You can choose to be negative – reactive

You can choose to be positive about it – opportunistic.

People that react negatively only see the extreme positions

Whether is either too hot or too cold

The rain is too much, or the sun shines too brightly

They hardly see any middle ground

The outcome you get is a result of your reaction to the situation/event.

If you encounter road rage while driving down the road

Negative reaction – pursue and attack the other drive

Result – chaos and the possibility of an accident

Positive reaction – let it go.

Result – safe arrival without altercation

If you do not get the job you applied for or promotion on your job

Negative reaction – I was discriminated against

Result – No chance of self-reflection

Positive reaction – Maybe there is something I need to do better

Result – Continuous improvement opportunity

If a business deal fell through

Negative reaction – blame others for the failure

Result – limited chances of future opportunities

Positive reaction – access and understand what went wrong

Result – Better positioned for future opportunities.

Since we know that our attitudes determine our outcome

It makes sense to control our attitude

Your attitude is within your controlEmbrace positive attitudes to get a better outcome

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