The above phrase keeps ringing in my head as it occurred in Matthew 18:3, “unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” This is because it is a prerequisite for entering the kingdom of heaven. To be as little children? How, where and why will this be a prerequisite for entering the kingdom of heaven? What do children have to do with the qualification to entering the heaven? I wonder. Some other version of the verse elaborate more on this. One of such versions said to “learn about heaven’s kingdom realm with the wide-eyed wonder of a child”. This is so amazing. As much as the bible encourages us to maturity, keeping our childlike spirit is still a major component of our walk with God.

So, how do one keep that childlike spirit in this world full of ups and downs and various challenges? How do one see things with the wide-eyed wonder of a child when life has hammered and beaten one with different sizes of whips? How? And yet entering into heaven depends on keeping this childlike spirit. This seems like a tall order. So what is it about the little children that the adult in us needs to know and keep forever with us?

One of such traits is the simplicity children exhibit in believing any promise given to them. Promise a child you will get them something, so far you have made the promise, they keep the faith with the same enthusiasm till the promise is kept. They don’t mind the time or the duration. They just believe with their simple faith. They live life with simplicity. In their mind, the possibility of the promise never coming to pass never cross their mind. They just believe it will come. They trust and believe with spontaneous simplicity. Awesome trait.

Another trait is that they love easily and they love everyone. They do not yet have capacity to discriminate. Leave a child at the playground, he will play with anyone available whether they are green, yellow, black or white, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly. They will enjoy other company and enjoy their time together.

Another trait is that they allow themselves to be themselves. They have no need to be someone else. They are humble and transparent. They are not pretentious. They are not afraid to admit or pretend that they don’t have it all together. When they need help they ask unreservedly and unashamed of whoever is available to help. They are also lowly and teachable. They absorb teaching with no complication. Whatever their mind cannot comprehend, they ask question and seems content with answer provided.

So, how as adult do we keep all these traits and still be mature in our world. One of the ways, is to know we cannot do it unless with the help of God to help us live this world with the wide-eyed wonder of a child, to keep trusting and expectant despite all disappointments. We need to learn to cast all those disappointments and worries on him, to leave it at his feet for he cares for us more than we can for ourselves. Also, we need to consciously ensure we live, think and act with the simplicity of a child, knowing it is a key component of us winning in this life.

Keep the wide-eyed wonder of a child within you and keep on winning.

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