Dear God,

Nwa Bekees’ nose had turned carrot red. She kept slapping her face a little to even up the colors without success. I looked at my collection of make-up accessories, and held it up to her.

Together we burst into laughter. The sound of it felt good.

I guess we both imagined what she will look like using my shade of powder.

She examined her face critically and sighed.

I watched her. It wasn’t easy pinning her to a particular age. I had a feeling she could be older than I am but couldn’t tell. Her skin was roughened a bit and there were tell-tale traces of wrinkles.

Was it the Nigerian sun or she……?

But, I give it to her, she  was pretty, very.

She had not answered my question yet.

I bid my time, if she needs to talk, I will listen but I wasn’t ready to push her.

“Can’t go out there like this” she sighed unhappily.

I nodded. I didn’t want another run of sobbing so I thought quickly.

“You know what, I think I need some fresh air, would you be interested in going out to the garden with me?. A bit of air will do us good”

She nodded eagerly.

The crying actually brought out her age to the surface. And she felt a bit self-conscious.

I left her in the lobby after explaining that I needed to let my Adam know where to find me.

She nodded but made no move to do the same with her Okoro. Guess she was still pissed with him.

More buddies had joined our table and my Adam was well engaged. I managed to squeeze in the message with a sign language.

My cousin took a cue and rose to follow me, I quickly froze her to her seat.

Two is company, three is crowd.

I could feel her missiles down my spine as I walked away. Whatever!

Nwa Bekee and I walked out to the garden and stood by the fountain. The air was good and the wind was doing an east- west pendulum swing.

She inhaled deeply, and reached in to her bag for a cigarette.

She paused and arched an eye at me. I shrugged. Not my thing but I won’t stop her.

She lit up, drew long and hard at the poor tiny stick. I watched her mesmerized.

At that point I thought she had swallowed all the smoke, she let them out in a long snake dance.

She was a pro, no doubt about that, this is no baby chick…..this is a “chicken”

The aroma hit me and my tommy turned, I moved out further.

What did I get myself into?

What was that?

The aroma was very strong though not bad. Just being near her gave me a heady minty feeling already.

“You OK?, she asked me

“Seriously?”, my mind screamed. Thank God she couldn’t hear it.

“I will survive”, I said pointing at her stick.

She laughed, took another deep one, and squeezed it out.

I smiled my gratitude, didn’t think I will last long under the on slot of that poison.

“Hubby Chubby”…..she finally answered the question.

I wasn’t sure what she called him….Lobby, hubby, chubby or Bobby.

The idea of her calling that small Okoro boy “hubby” phased me.

“What did you just call him?”, I asked.

“My hubby “Chobyike” she attempted in Igbo.

“Chibuike?”, I volunteered smiling.

She smiled.

That guy didn’t look like any Chibuike to me, Donatus, or Magnus would have fitted better I thought.

“Chobby Hobby”, or Hubby Chubby….”

See naming things!……To think I feel so cool calling my Adam “Sweet”…

Chai, Nwa Bekee!

Hubby Chubby….. Alias “Okoro with a stamp”….couldn’t be a day older than 30. And I was standing with a nearly 50 elegant and pretty Nwa Bekee calling him “hubby”

I felt a wave of sadness hit me inside……what wouldn’t this small Igbo boys do to leave this country and survive….?. What won’t they….

“Judge not”, my heart warned.

I sighed.

“The cover does not make the book a work of arts”, you must 1st read it”….my dear heart declared.

I agreed with it this time.

I hear You Lord, I will be patient and non judgemental in this. There is never a smoke without fire…..

Again, You will always use the little things in life to conform the wise.

I am here, I am ready, And I will listen.

This is Your daughter, I am checking in.



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