Dear God,
So they all sat in silence.
The memories of the events of the past days were too painful.
“Can’t believed He died…….”
“Such a cruel death at that…..”
“Somehow I expected Him to do something….. A miracle sort of and get out of there……but No, He took it all…..every dreadful pain……Diana said, tears tickling down her eyes.
“I told you that He was no Messiah”
“Shut up!”
“Keep your voices down…..Grandma Sarah will hear us and we get into serious trouble”
They were silent for a while.
There were footsteps in the yard, the girls dived under the bed in fear.
The soldiers have been picking up some of the followers of the Man after the crucifixion.
Their family have been keen believers of the “Forbidden” Messiah.
The rulers of the Synagogue had come to their house to warn their father severally to stop his family from following the Man they believed was blasphemous.
Their Father couldn’t stop them……he too believed.
They waited for the dreadful knock…and inevitable arrest……but it didn’t come.
Instead, Grandma Sarah was having a whispered conversation with 2 other women.
“What’s going on?” Viva whispered
“Let’s go find out”, the more daring and less believing Chana said.
The girls joined their Grandmother at the Court.
The 2 women with Grandma were Mary Magdalene, the Former Harlot and the other Mary. They were deep in conversation with her.
Grandma Sarah was one of the wisest and most trusted mothers in Israel. All the tribes came to her for guidance.
“We want to go and anoint his body with oil, Mary said.
“Who will roll the stone away for you, my children? The soldiers are constantly on guard and the grave was sealed with the official seal. No-one can break that….” Grandma said sadly.
“We will find a way wise one, Mary said.
“Jehovah go with you and bless your hearts……please stay away from the high roads, the soldiers are still tasting for more blood”, Grandma said.
“Thank you Wise one”, they said and left.
“I don’t believe this? They are going to waste that very precious oil to anoint a decaying dead man?, Chana asked
“Chana!” they girls chorused
Grandma looked at her thoughtfully. Her rebellious son Tev, married an Amalakite, a foreigner in Israel. Sometimes the unbelieving traits show up in their daughter Chana.
“He is not dead…… The God of Israel cannot lie……”
“Grandma we saw that Man die and they buried Him. We were there, how can you say He is not dead?”
“He is our Messiah, He is the Christ!”….The Only Son of Jehovah!”  Grandma insisted wiping the tears from her eyes.
“So why didn’t Jehovah save Him?
“Chana!” the girls chorused again
Grandma stared thoughtfully at the girls……. “The ways of Jehovah are mysterious….Israel have never been able to understand it. I too hoped for a miracle, but it never came. But I know…..after what He did in Egypt, Nothing is too difficult for Him even now my girls, dead and buried….even so”
As she spoke….the earth shook from its steams.
The girls screamed and clung to the woman in fright.
There also came a chilling sound of a rip………….it was hair raising.
“Now go to sleep children, it will soon be dawn, she whispered. The girls saw that she too was scared and scrambled to their room.
The darkness was impregnable, the silence was chilling.
Not a sound in Israel, as they slept.
And then they heard the noise. It was the sound of running steps. The girls held each other and waited. The fear was tormenting.
A scream, and another……”Alive!”
It was a scream of Joy….nothing fearful.
They ran blindly to Grandma…… Papa too was there.
“He is Alive!”, she screamed again
Mary the Former harlot was dancing around the compound and screaming at the top of her voice.
“Calm down Mary……we need to know…..what happened?”
“We saw Him Papa Samuel, we did. He is alive. The stone was rolled away… we went in and He was not there. Only the cloth…..and the Angel. Oh what a Glorious sight….my eyes saw the Angel of Jehovah.
“What did the Angel say Mary?”
“The Angel? Oh the Angel…… Glorious Angel…..He said, Why Do you look for the Living among the dead?….He is not here, He is Risen…..Go tell the Brethren, Christ is Alive”.
“Off to Galilee I go……My Jesus is Alive, Mary said.
Papa and Grandma looked at each other and Grandma nodded.
“Wait Mary, I shall go with You”, Papa said.
Death could not hold You captive Right?.
You are Alive My Lord, My Saviour, My Friend.
You could have used a miracle to make it all go away…….but No, You chose to die…..that I may never see death again.
Thank You My Jehovah….. You live….I live……We live.
This is Your daughter and I am checking in Alive.
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