My phone rang and I picked.

“Hello, Good Morning”, I said with my phone voice.

“Is that Ifee?”, the voice on the line asked.

“Speaking, whom am I speaking to?”, I returned. It was a male voice.

“I read your post”, the Rachelle saga”.


I wasn’t sure what to say next. First, I needed to know who he was.

“Not sure I got the name” I ventured politely.

“I read your post every Saturday, but after this last one, I had to call you”, he said.

I quickly looked up to Heaven.

“Father Lord! Am I in trouble?”

There was an awkward pause. I wasn’t going to say anything more except he told me his name.

“That Rachelle story was very touching if it’s true”, he said in a reluctant kind of Praise

I sighed.


I stayed mute.

“Are you still there?”

I relented. Whatever the case, he wanted to talk, so talk we will.

“Am here, just that I still didn’t get the name”

“Oh, my apologies, I’m Smart”

“You are smart or your name is Smart?”

He chuckled.

“My name is Smart”

“Nice name”

“Thanks, you write well. In fact, you are a great writer, you know how to bring a story to life”

“Thanks”, I smiled. He seemed like a man who is not accustomed to giving praise, so this must be big.

“However, he continued, I have a problem with this Rachelle’s case”


“You gave us the perspective of the woman only. My take is that there is no smoke without fire. Did you try to get the Tiger’s (according to you) point of view?

Now, am in trouble.

“Not exactly but……..

“My point exactly, …..he interjected. The story was one sided……take for instance, they have 5 children right?”


“Good, the actions to birth those children were mutually beneficial….”

I laughed.

God, forgive me, I had to laugh or this man will drive me crazy.

“Now take the comment you made about that very beautiful, very classic lady…..


“The one you met at the counsellor’s office”


“The question is…Is she as beautiful inside as she is outside?”


“I guess you are right,…..I apologize if I created a wrong impression. I……..”

“No, you didn’t create a wrong impression, far from it……my point is that I wanted to see a holistic picture. I need you to finish that story from the man’s point of view”, he stated.

I paused. There was something in the Man’s voice. Something…..advocacy! Think!

“Smart, are you a Tiger?”

Where did that question come from?…..I braced myself for the reaction that will come.

Then he shocked me.

“I was, he said calmly. “I made my mistakes in relationship, and I learnt the hard way just as I know Rachelle’s Tiger will learn”.

“Would you like to talk about it?. So others can learn from your mistakes”, I quickly added.

I was pushing too far, and I knew it.

“So you can post my story on Facebook?”


“Common Ifee, I was joking. I enjoy your write ups”.


I held my breathe.

“I will think about it. Why not?  If I give you my story, will you do a book with it……?

“Bingo”, I love this guy!

“Not a bad idea, let’s talk some more”.

“By the way, how is Rachelle?”… He asked.

“Fine, NO! great! She will definitely pull through”.

“Tell the brother to get off her case……the decision to divorce belongs to a man and his wife”.

“I know right…..but big brother is hell bent. Let’s see how it plays out”.

“Thanks for the feedback, I sincerely appreciate. And thanks for reading my posts”

“On that, you don’t need to thank me….I love reading them. You are very sassy!

My Lord, there ended this insightful conversation.


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