Dear Diary: Episode 3 – Attitude of Gratitude

I turned my neck a little to the left and stopped short. The pain ripped through me. Somehow, on its own volition, my mouth let out a scream.


I fell back to the bed and waited for my punishment.

It came.

I felt the 1st blow right through my brain. Then the regular rhythmic beat came after. I now know what those drums feel when my son hits at them with the drum sticks.

I curled up hard, bit into the pillow to prevent the next scream from letting out. The 1st one got me here anyway.

I held my breath, but not for long. I felt the darkness like a wet thick blanket come over me.

“Should I let the darkness envelop me and stop the pain, or should I fight it?”

I fought, just to keep breathing.

“Help me Lord, please help me”, I cried.

I rolled to the other side of the bed in a bid to avoid the darkness. Still it hovered, as if it was waiting to catch me off guard.

“Father?”, I whispered. I dared not make a sound.

You are the Only one I could talk to at that point.

“You heard me, didn’t You?”

If I told anyone that all this drama was over a headache, they will hiss.

Yes, Lord!

Even Pastors don’t pray for people with headaches anymore. There are more important problems to deal with, than a “simple headache”

But not You Lord! No, not You!

You are careful about “All” that concerns us.

You are as much interested in ” a simple headache” as You are with “Full stage Cancer”

You are as much interested in “an amputee” as You are with “a Little cut on my son’s knee.

You pay the same attention to “malaria” as You would to “a kidney transplant”.

I just want to say Thank You for good health.

We are so taken and absorbed with the things we don’t have that gratitude for the ones we have escape us.

We are “so hurt” that we buried a loved one that the gratitude for the ones that are still alive and still love us escape us.

We are “pining” for that love that betrayed us that we overlook the friends that are still holding our hands, still standing beside us.

We are “so panicked” about the receding economy that we forget to say “Thank You” for the food on our table.

We are “so fixated” on the funds to finish the new house that we belittle the Grace You gave to pay rent.

When we give analysis, it’s always about what went “wrong”, never about what went “right”

Dad, I mean it, I am grateful for each day and each moment You give me to live a healthy life.

The siege is over and I am grateful that my battle was Only over “a simple headache”

Thank You for health. Thank You for each moment, each day.

This is Your daughter and I am checking in.

What are you grateful for today? Leave a comment to appreciate those simple things in your life.

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