Dear God,

There is a word that keeps resounding in my head. Sounds like “Miracle”.  Aaah, I need a miracle in my life! I need a radical change, a transformation, a Pixies dust-like agenda. I mean “Magic”. My daughter asked for Pixies dust for her birthday, when I asked why? She said, “I want to change the world, to turn it into a magical garden” Hmmn, that’s my girl Lord!

Daddy, I need some Cinderella story. I want fairy tales. I want a world without pain and fear. I want to see that garden in Eden again. I want to totally trust and believe again. I want to fly, to touch the sky.

I want a world without barriers, without limits. I want to speak to animals and hear them speak to me. I want my heart to see the things my eyes have ignored.

I want a connection, a touch of You that is physical. I want to piggy back on You, to roll in the grass with You. To stroll in the garden, down the beach with You.

I want world peace, no battles, no hurting, no sorrow, no wars.

I want to be a child again, no exams, no targets, no goals. My only objective? The next meal!

I want all of that and more, but today, the ONLY thing I want is to say “Thank You Lord! I am alive. That’s Magic! I have another opportunity to change my world. My Miracle Working God, I am the” Miracle” that I seek. Thank You, please Thank You for this new day!

This is Your daughter and I am checking in.

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