Dear God,

So early one of the mornings, I went jogging again. I took a different loop this time around. I always loved that loop because it has such beautiful houses and the child in me will point to each one and claim it.

Its usually a private sort of entertainment for me to pretend I own such spectacular edifices.

As I approached my favorite house (a house to die for), I noticed some unusual activities in front. First instinct was to turn back, but then I also noticed that the estate security truck was parked in front and of course a police truck. So I continued.

Dad, I honestly wasn’t interested at first until I overheard the comment of one of the guards.

“At times like this, one is grateful to be poor….big man big trouble”

I paused and slowed almost to a halt…..Can anyone leave in this edifice and have any kind of trouble?

The house has always been the house of my dreams ever since I saw it. The kind of fantasies I have whooped around it over the years may shock You.

What happened? What kind of trouble does this magnificent stone abode hold for anyone.

“Pass” my brain screamed

“Ask” my heart answered.

Then again, my brain doesn’t know any better, I have a very compassionate heart, so I have to “ask”.

“Good morning dear”, I said sweetly to the man nearest to me…” Is everything alright?”

I hit on the right person, he probably was the Neighbor’s gateman and dying to talk.

“Good morning ma”, he returned, “Na this people wey no dey gree make person sleep”.

He probably believed I live on the same street and have some sort of history.

That again struck a chord, whatever happened that early morning or through the night wasn’t a one-off, it was practically a regular occurrence.

“Someone sick?”, I probed innocently

“Hia madam, if they sick no be hospital them go go? This one pass sick oo!

I nodded my consent, with very kind compassion for his personal plight in being an indirect victim of the mishap.

“How God go give man everything, E no go give am peace….all him children…. None get sense…..saam!

“Time out, this is personal” my brain warned

“Hold on please, we could learn something here”, my heart begged.

“There is nothing to learn that you don’t know already, keep out of people’s personal life…..”, my Brain stated.

My heart sank. The head was in control, and it made more sense. All my heart really wanted was a story…….not that I know them, not that I will do anything to help their situation…. Just to hear.

And it wasn’t Right.

I sighed deeply and nodded at the man.

“Such is life my dear, to everyone there is a cross to bear…… You carry your own cheerfully…….according to my Adam.

I turned and left.

A part of me really wanted to have the full strength of that story, but the wiser part refused to walk on a personal grave.

Going back, alone in the cold hours of the morning and deserted streets in the Estate, I just couldn’t help but feel that overwhelming present reminders of how peaceful my life has been.

I have no physical edifice that anyone will die for,

But my heart harbors an awesome Temple built for You alone.

I thought through my life and realized that as uneventful as it has been, its actually a sign that You Oh Lord have protected me from every Event, that will expose me, torment me or make my family a spectacle.

You haven’t given me an edifice Yet, but You Gave me Peace unlimited.

From my head phone, Nathaniel Bassey sang “Orise Iyanu”……

Tears welled up in my eyes……I have really tasted of Your Glory.

I will still admire and convert edifices if I see the ones I love…..but I will Never trade them for Your Peace.

This is Your daughter, I am checking in.


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