Many people just coast around when it comes to the affairs of their lives, they are on autopilot. They have not been able to clearly define what they want in life nor what they intend to contribute to society. Many have even placed imaginary limits over what they can or cannot achieve in life. By default, these people settle for less in life.

They have somehow mistaken being ambitious and wanting more in life to mean the same as being greedy. As a result, they settle for a life less desirable, scraping along to make ends meet, enduring unhealthy relationships, working at a place they hate,

You should not settle for less, because you deserve more, you can achieve more, you have the talents and the skills deposited in you to become more. The question is, what is your more? If you are not satisfied with your life at the moment, it means you want more. It means you are ready for a change that will take you to the next opportunity that life has to offer you. You should let the desire to achieve and become more be the drive that will help you to take action so that you can move forward towards your destiny. You are created to perform and not just settle.

Your more may be different from mine. For some, their more may be to get married so that they can have companionship in others. Yours may be to move to another side of town or country to have access to the perceived benefits of your new location. Your more may be to graduate from college with flying colors if you are a student. An unemployed graduate who desired more may be aiming to get a job in a company to start a career. A businessman who wanted more generally will like to be able to attract more customers and grow revenue and profits in his business. 

Here are some reasons why people settle for a life less desirable:

1.       Fear of the unknown: Yes, when you take steps to leave your status quo condition, there are many uncertainties that you will confront, and you will most likely make mistakes along the line, but you will also learn at the same time. Rather than letting the fear of unknown compel you to settle for mediocrity, the right approach is to get up and make a move, one step at a time, and let your inner compass guide you as you explore the unknown land which will bring opportunities for you.

2.       Fear of failure: The fear of failure is mostly about focusing on one side of the possible outcomes in life. You are thinking, what if I fail in this plan? I want you to look on the other side as well, what if you succeed? Do not let the fear of failure make you settle for a life less desirable. Do not let the fear of failure stop you from starting that business, applying for that job, or making a decision that could potentially move you forward. There is another possibility that you should consider – the joy of success.

3.       Fear of rejection: No one like to be rejected, but we should not let the thought or concern of being rejected stopped us from pursuing those things we want in our lives. Rejection, obstacles, challenges are on the path to a life of greatness. What if you know that your business idea will be funded by the 30th bank you approach? I bet you will get out every morning to talk to the first 29 banks. Don’t settle for less for fear of being rejected, your Yes is on the way. 

Here are some reasons why you should aim for more:

1.       It is human nature: Growth, progress, and achievements are part of human genes. You are not meant to be at the same level as you were five years ago, that’s why students progress from one grade to the next after passing the required academics curriculum. If you settle and stay in your comfort zone, you will be missing out on the potential growth and progress that await you if you dare aim for the next level.

2.       Failure comes with learning: I love this quote by Colin Powell “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. I couldn’t agree more. You learn more from your mistakes and failure than you do from what you already know how to do correctly. Learning also provides an opportunity for growth and growth is essential for a successful life.

4. Confidence improves: When you get used to confronting your fears and breaking barriers that make you settle, your confidence level will go higher, and you will be able to achieve more. As you stretch out and reach out to improve your capacity, your confidence will increase the more, and you will attain more satisfaction from the challenges and fulfillment that comes with exploring life outside your comfort zone. You will also be able to attract more opportunities with your new level of confidence.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that you will rise up and step up and start making intentional decisions that will help to take you forward in your life and never have to settle for a less desirable experience. You will make mistakes when you aim higher and get out of your comfort zone, but your mistakes also provide learning opportunities. Settling will prevent you from living your life to the fullest, so keep exploring and continue to aim high.

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