A life without purpose is not worthy of living. If you want to know why you are created and what you are meant to do here on earth, you must know your purpose. Below are the four stages of finding purpose.

Four Stages of Purpose

  1. Preparation Stage: This stage starts from your birth, and it is shaped by the family you were born into, your weaknesses and strengths, gifts, passions, the place you were born, and the experiences, challenges, and the lessons you have learned throughout your life that prepared you to be planted. This stage prepares you for your calling.
  2. Planting Stage: The planting stage is that stage during which you were able to identify your purpose and passion. The planting stage is about what you were created to be. Whatever role you have in life (Doctor, Pastor, Lawyer, etc), you decide to plant yourself where you are and you decide to become all you can be in the service to others. When you plant yourself where you are and decide to make a difference, instead of searching for your purpose, it finds you.
  3. Growth Stage: This is the stage where your seed gives birth to the plant, and your roots begin to spread. When you surrender and decide to plant yourself, God will move heaven and earth to ensure your growth so that you will be able to get a bountiful harvest. You need the right foundation to grow to greater height. Your purpose and faith must be greater than the challenges on the way in order for you to move forward to live a purpose filled life.
  4. Harvest Stage: This is the stage in which all your preparation, hard work, growth, and faith throughout the tests pay off. This is the stage where you reap the harvest you have sown with your seed. At this stage, your purpose becomes so clear you can say it in a simple sentence, it’s a time of great abundance, and you lack nothing at this stage, because you continuously give and you are replenished. What you give comes back to you exponentially. You produce much fruit in the form of benefits to others and to the world, and in turn this fruit becomes a seed for others to plant. When you reach the harvest stage, you are able to look back and see how all the stages are connected.


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