I love comfort zones. I enjoy the warmth and coziness that can only be found in my familiar environment.  It keeps me calm, steady, comfortable with little to no tension. Who doesn’t want a comfortable life? Who enjoys dealing with the everyday stress that exists outside of the comfort zone? Who wants the daily hustling and bustling that may come from leaving the comfort zone? I bet no one!

Get ready to stretch yourself…

As much as I enjoy my space in this zone, I also know that for me to grow and advance in life, I must get out of the zone. I have to take some risks by investing to make my money grow. I have to take on more responsibilities at work in order to grow in my career. I have to launch a business knowing that I can fail. I have to venture into some unknown land sometimes to learn life lessons that are not immediately available in my comfort zone. I have to stretch beyond my limits, out of my comfort zone to develop my skills and gain more experience.

Staying in the comfort arena is tantamount to clinging to the steady and security of the good old days. It is about maintaining the status quo and not wanting to stir the hornet’s nest or take steps that will create some elements of instability or uncertainties in our lives. It is a way of choosing safety.

Complacency makes you feel warm and cozy

Are you like me, getting cozy in your comfort zone? If you really want to become more in life and move to the next level, you need to take the leap and leave those familiar environments. Maybe it is time to ask your boss for promotion so that you can acquire sales skills. Maybe it is time to get out of that neighborhood where you grew up, where you learned how to ride bicycle on the street and move to a less familiar city to tap into new opportunities to start your career. Maybe it is time to leave your old friends behind and mingle with new sets of people. Maybe it is time for you to break off those limiting thoughts that has held you back for so many years – thoughts telling you that you are not good enough, smart enough, tall enough, short enough, or educated enough. Break out of your comfort zone, stretch beyond your limits to attain more in life.

Before you take the steps!

There are risks to getting out of your comfortable positions. You may experience disappointment, you may be turned down, you will experience different sets of challenges, but the rewards are bountiful if you can get to your next level. You will gain new exposure and perspectives if you dare to get out of your comfort zone. Exposure can empower and broaden your views and improves your knowledge about different situations in life. Trust me, the benefits of getting uncomfortable temporarily outside your comfort zone far outweigh the security and safety in your confined space. It is time to take the leap. The pool is coldest when you take the plunge, you can’t walk forward and at the same time keep looking backward, get out of your comfort zone. Try something new, take new risk, do something that will make you a little uncomfortable. Taking this leap will give you a new experience and empower you to rise to new level. Get ready to get uncomfortable with your comfort zone.

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