Our life’s journey is not always going to be on a straight path.

There will be roadblocks, speedbumps, and sometimes obstacles on our journey.

To reach our desired destination, we must embrace detours.

When you encounter a detour on a road trip,

You don’t park or stop completely.

You find an alternate route to get you to your destination.

In life’s journey, a detour should not lead to a permanent stop in your track.

It may sometimes mean that you need to recalibrate or recalculate your plans.

It may sometimes require you to re-strategies and find alternatives.

In life’s journey, when you face challenges.

Don’t stop or give up.

Don’t abandon your plans either.

Because life’s detours are meant to

Makes us innovate

Help our creativity

Shapes our experiences

When you encounter any life detours:

You’ve got to keep moving forward.

You’ve got to explore other options that you have not considered earlier.

You’ve got to confront the challenge head-on and never back down.

You’ve got to say; I will succeed.

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