“But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, Luke 6:27.

A very interesting verse to read. The first interpretation and thought when I read the verse and saw the word “enemies”, was enemies are those ugly, nasty and terribly bad people that are kind of far off from me, and I am to love them and I will love them when I come in contact with such people. Hmmmm…that word enemies seems a far people from me. I checked up the word and its synonyms in the English dictionary, I was shocked to see one of the definitions of the synonyms. It defined enemy as a person who is hostile and engages in antagonistic activities. A further check on the synonyms ‘hostile’ shows enemy as someone not friendly, not warm, not generous, not hospitable or someone opposed in feelings, actions or character as mine.

The above definition brought a different light to the verse…I am to show love (warm and deep feelings, an affectionate concerns for the well-being of others) to those who are hostile (not friendly and not generous) to me. Waoh that sounds pretty difficult to do. I would rather be friendly with people that are friendly with me and be concerned about their well-being than those who are not friendly at all. However, if I want to win in life, I need to follow the bible ways rather than the convectional way and thoughts. So how am I to do such things because it is easier for me to avoid a nasty and unfriendly person than be deeply concerned about them what do I do? Here are a few thoughts I saw in the verses following this verse which is the key to working this into our lives.

  1. Pray for those unfriendly people. Say a word of prayer for that person you perceived is unfriendly in thoughts, under your breath, make it a habit to pray for them when their name comes up or you see them. Praying for them don’t have to necessarily be spending hours or going on a mountain to pray, however we can do that if we have the time.
  2. Do good to them: Watch out for some acts of good and right things you can do for that unfriendly person – buy lunch, pick up their laundry, offer to help them. Look out for some acts of good you can do for the person. Buy a gift, a present, something nice for such person.
  3. Keep good thoughts: Good people have good things saved in their hearts. That’s why they say good things. But those who are evil have hearts full of evil, and that’s why they say things that are evil. What people say with their mouths comes from what fills their hearts, Luke 6:45. Keep good thoughts about the person in your mind.

It is necessary and important for you to keep positive thoughts and loving emotions not only for the sake of others but for your own good because winning thoughts and ideas flow easier when you are in tune with your inner self void of negative thoughts and emotions. Keep working at it and see at the top.


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