Going through social media and I am seeing a lot of posts of people saying 2019 is going to be a better year, I am seeing statements and videos like going into 2019 like …..(a video of a high-speed moving car). I have a lot of expectations too but do we not have this entering into every new year?

This is the norm, it is a new year, and so we have to make resolutions, but how many of these things actually get to happen in the new year. Many of us have carryover resolutions from far back as two years back, same with prayer requests-same as what we asked God last year.

I am thinking now, why are these resolutions and requests carryovers? Is it that God does not answer prayers? My conclusion is that we keep doing the same thing but expect a significant change with the change of date. December 31st to January 1st of the new year is really just a move from one day to another, like a regular Monday to Tuesday. The work to making things happen in the new year should have started in the year before.

It is not so much about making the resolutions, this is somewhat the easiest part of making it happen. How are you working to make it happen, what are your plans, do you have written steps and timelines you are following…Even the bible says Write your vision, make it plain. It is not in how gigantic looking your resolutions are, make it understandable so that it is easy to run with. I perceive that part of the reason for not being able to achieve what we have planned is that it is too complicated, we do not even know how to begin to implement.

So for me, entering this new year- I will have new day resolves and targets, I will not just have those, I will discipline myself to achieve deadlines and targets. Prayer, discipline and harnessing the strength of my network will be vital to making it work in 2019.

This is my submission.

Happy New Year

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