On controversial issues, whether it is religion, politics, universal healthcare provision in America, or whether global warming is real or not, you can add the Covid 19 vaccine mandates to the list.

No matter what side of the debate you are on, you will realize that there are other people that are also passionate about their views on the opposite side of the discussion.

I have learned that it is always wise to seek to understand and be understood to get any meaningful and productive outcome from dialog with people with different opinions than yours.
Of course, You can fight, argue, and hate other people who are not directly aligned with your position. Guess what? You get nothing by doing so. You contribute to the divisiveness in society.

Alternatively, you can listen to and reason with those that hold contrary opinions to yours. By listening and seeking to understand, you will develop more knowledge about the topic, learn different ways of doing things, gain different perspectives, and see the other side of the coin. Only when you get to that other side can you have an educated conclusion and make an informed decision, whether to remain steadfast with your initial opinion or if it is time to shift and accept new ideas.

So what’s the message here, don’t get into controversy just for fun. Have an open mind. Seek to understand and be understood because there are always two sides to a coin.

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