Your first attempt did not work out as planned.
Your second and third attempts weren’t successful either.
Should you give up, or do you need to persist?

Persistence is about firm resolution to continue an activity until you achieve a result.
Persistence evaluates your ability to stick with something until completion.
Persistence is a stubborn resolution to get something done.

There is almost no worthwhile endeavor that does not require persistence.
It’s often easy to start something new.
But to continue and finish, you need to persist.

You want to learn how to play Violin, it’s easy to begin.
You need to persist to become better.

You want to get out of debt; that’s a good plan.
You need to persistently pay off your debt to become debt-free.

Do you want to build a successful business?
You must back every plan with obstinate continuance before you can see results.

Do you want to lose weight?
You must persistently control your diet and add an exercise plan to achieve your goals.

Do you want to attain financial freedom? Awesome!
You need to have a financial plan that ensures you save and invest often.

Persistency will help you to build the required skills.
Persistency can build your competence.
Persistency can help you achieve results.

When the going gets tough
When it seems like you are not getting any outcome
When you feel like giving up
Remember, you may need to persist before you get results.

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