I had a major challenge on what to write, one because I wanted to write what was true to me. So, the test came, I had a clash with an elder sister, and I felt she was being impossible with me. Then the amazing thing happen, I did the same thing my sister did to someone else, and guess the twist of thought, I blamed the other person except me. I was not the wrong now even when the circumstance is the same. This incident reminds me of an article a good friend wrote out from a book. Pardon me, she couldn’t remember the book so I could not give the right credit, please.


When we are in class, we are STUDENTS
When they are in class, they are TEACHERS
When we write over their writing, it is OVER-WRITING
When they write over our writing, it is CORRECTION
When we gather to discuss, it is GOSSIP
When they gather to discuss, it is MEETING
When we are found in the library, It is BUNKING
When they are found in the library, it is RESEARCH WORK
When we stand outside the classroom, we are PUNISHED
When they stand outside the Principal’s office, they are WAITING
When we do something wrong, we are IDIOTS
When they do something wrong, they are HUMAN
When we copy from others, it is CHEATING
When they copy from others, it is QUOTING.
When we do not do our work on time, we are LAZY
When they do not do their work on time, they are BUSY
When we think in class, we are DAYDREAMING
When they think in class, they are PHILOSOPHERS
When we are out in the corridor, we are LOITERING
When they are out in the corridor, they are INSPECTING
When we joke in class, we are JOKERS
When they joke in class, they have a SENSE OF HUMOR

The poem is an eye-opener to learn empathy in my relationships, to understand and adjust my perspective when it concerns others and gives other benefits of the doubt knowing the possibility that my perspective might be colored by my prejudice. So, in life too, don’t be hard on others, because it is possible what we are seeing is based on where we are standing. It might help if we shift our position and put ourselves in another position, we might see things a bit different and see what they are seeing. Don’t hold too tight to your opinion, learn to see from other’s point of view. Life is how we view it.

Merry Christmas!

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