Dear God,
I had a brush with Envy and Jealousy. I thought that I was so emotionally strong that other people’s success never make me lose focus. Nay! I failed the test. Now I understand why people easily fall from Grace for Money. Daddy, money does not speak, it shouts! Aaah!

I was to have a meeting with a Client but he was running an emergency meeting with his director, so I tagged along so we can have our conversation along the way. Then we drove into the compound and my mouth went dry. Then we walked into the house and I had to mentally urge myself to behave.

Splendor my God! Do you give Grace to a house too? How? How can one man own this much wealth? The director was a gentleman, soft spoken. He asked us to sit TWICE before we did.

I had a chance to talk with him, I hope I made sense because I kept forcing my eyes to stay focused. I felt my companion breath down when we left and realized he too was holding his breath all that time. My formidable Client nodded like a lizard beside me throughout the discussions.

All that time in that house, Dad, I searched for that scripture that said that we will inherit the riches of the gentiles….. I couldn’t remember it! After all that Sunday school, I forgot that verse when I needed it most! On our way back, my client told me a little about the man. As I listened, I felt all the envy, and Jealousy wind down to compassion, then pity. All I saw was the Splendor of that house, I didn’t see the grief in the man.

Dad, I and my entire household are continually grateful for Your Goodness and Mercies towards us. Did I like the house? Oh my, I loved it! Will I tread places with him? Never! Ever!

I love the simple life you have given me. I love the ease with which I breathe. I love the fact that I live and ride only in Your Grace. I love being Your naughty daughter, I love You so much. Thank You my Abba Father for my life. But Dad, hmmn if that man Wills his house to me shaa, forgive me, I will take oo, but if he Wills his life to me, I reject it!

Love You Dad.

This is Your daughter, I am checking in, simple and swag.

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