Dictionary defined school as an institution at which instruction is given in a particular discipline. There are different School for various disciplines all over the world. With the advent of technology, whatever one wants to learn or know more about, there is a place where one can learn it and be an expert in the subject.

Man has learned a whole lot about his sphere of living, the earth and even the outside sphere of his life, the moon, sun, and the outer bodies. However, where does one go to learn about oneself? Learn a thing or two about temperament, attitude, and reactions to circumstances around? How can we as human learn how to cultivate healthy relationships, develop perseverance, enjoy our lives and run our own race? Learning has a structure. 

James 3:7-8 For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind. But no man can tame the tongue. Twisted in another word or meaning. Humans have the knowledge or have learned how animals behaved and thus knows how to deal and bring out the best in these animals but how about the man himself.

It is easier to spot the speck of dust in others and dish out advice on how to live or to solve a problem than to do the same for oneself. Learning ourselves can be a mountainous task to one that we tend to leave it for the easier task of learning others, yet we need the knowledge of ourselves to be able to get the best out of our lives.

 Learning oneself is one of the skills required to be a success in life. Another name for this is self-awareness. The inability to know oneself will put a clog on one’s life wheels. To know oneself, it will take skill and below are some of the reasons to know oneself:

1.   Navigating life becomes easier: Being skilful in self-awareness will give one, inner joy, and success. It eliminates ambiguity about what one wants and does not want. 

2.   Removes Envy and Jealousy: It removes comparison, envy, and jealousy as one is aware of its own capability, race and uniqueness.

3.   It brings inner peace: Skilfulness in self-awareness reduces internal conflict within and increase one’s harmony with nature, inner feelings, and values, which causes one to make the right decision that one is happy with. This makes one happy and be at peace inside.

4.   Eliminate peer pressure control: being able to know oneself helps one to be clear about ones’ wants and priorities. This eliminates comparison and the need to be like others 

So, how can we learn ourselves? Here are a few tips to assist 

Start by identifying what your personal values are. Know those values that are paramount for you and the ones that are not. Identify the things that matter most to you and why they are? Then identify your interests, what are the things that give you strength and passion or things that deplete your energy. Identify your purpose and know what drives you. Ensure your reasons are basically yours not someone else. Know the things that give your satisfaction and the source of your happiness.

Getting the lead on the above might take a while to fine tune; however, taking the time out to know the above will do you more good than you could ever imagine. Take time to learn yourself, really study yourself. It will help to increase efficiency. Keep winning.

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