Seasons are natural, we have winter, spring, summer and autumn in some regions and in some other regions we have sunny and rainy seasons. Life in general is about seasons, in this regard when the going is good (like summer) we need to save up for the cold and low days (somewhat like winter)- STORE UP AND HAVE A RESERVE. This is to ensure that there will be supplies of what you need during the tough seasons of life.

Be deliberate and purposeful about how you spend money, anytime you spend money-you are casting a vote for what you want. Make sure that what you want align with your values and you are not just spending money without control. A budget is a tool you can use to ensure that your spending is under control.

In money matters, you need to be responsible. Responsibility is response ability. Know and have the ability to respond correctly to the most important things. Responsibility is about keeping to your budget and making sure that you itemize your needs and focus mainly on your priorities.  It involves making sure that you do not get into debt by spending more than you earn.

Finally, you need to have a sense of risk management, you MUST have saving and investments. The key to balance is planning and discipline. You must have the ability to analyze various investment options and have the tolerance to bear the risk that comes with investing your money.

PLAN how you spend and save your money, DISCIPLINE yourself to follow the plan and you will be able to excel in money matters. Being discipline will ensure that you keep to your budget month in and month out so that you do not get into trouble by overspending.

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