124: Understanding Your Money Emotions With Bob Wheeler


My guest on the show today is, a financial expert and motivator, book author, and founder of The Money Nerve?

Bob Wheeler helps listeners conquer their money shame and avoid making poor financial decisions by teaching how emotions can dictate our choices.  His greatest wish is to share this with podcast listeners. He’s all heart.
From his thirty years of helping clients, Bob has distilled a concoction of warmth, humor, information, motivation and budgeting directives that he offers to anyone with financial concerns. He is also currently the CFO for The World Famous Comedy Store.

As a man of true integrity with infectious energy, Bob’s crusade for personal growth has cross-pollinated with his accounting practice to create a new approach to personal finances. Combining finances with behaviors, Bob explores his personal concept of creating a healthy relationship with money in his recent book, The Money Nerve.  You can find his website here:  www.TheMoneyNerve.com

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