145: How to secure a mortgage as a self-employed borrower.


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Alejandro Szita (pronounce “SEE-tah”) is a California & Florida mortgage broker for business owners and self-employed professionals. A real estate and mortgage professional since 2005, he explored the world of real estate from all angles—commercial, residential and capital raising—before realizing that real estate fi nance was his true passion. His clients range from top artists and entrepreneurs to freelancers and owners of mom-and-pop retail stores.

When it comes to getting a real estate loan, you would think that successful entrepreneurs and business owners would have no problem, but Alejandro has found that it is oft en just the opposite. He shares the challenges these borrowers face, and how they can be overcome. He also shares tips for real estate agents to better prepare their buyers for the loan application process. Alejandro is a regular guest on real estate and fi nance podcasts, and he enjoys giving practical advice as well as telling stories about the crazy things you can encounter in this field.


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