40: How to Stay Passionate at Work – Part 2


Title: How to Stay Passionate at Work

In this episode, you will:

  • Why it is important to be passionate at Work for you to be productive?
  • Different ways to stay passionate at work.

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You are listening to the Winner’s Ways Podcast with Bola Alabi, episode 40.


Last week, we started a series about how to stay passionate about your job. We were able to identify three categories of people: The Passion Pursuers, The Passion Snubs, & The Passion builders. If you are yet to listen to that episode, please go back and check out episode 39 to learn more.


We said that the Passion Pursuers are those people that are able to connect purpose with their job, and they do it happily.


Passion Snubs, on the other hand, are not happy or passionate about their job, yet they do it anyway. We gotta make ends meet.


Passion builders are initially not happy, but they understand that no situation is permanent, they decide that rather than being unhappy with what they do, they will develop skills that will help them excel in their jobs and find something that they can still enjoy about the job.


Seven ways you can stay passionate at work.

1. Identify the purpose of the role:

2. Understand that it can be temporary

3. Build the needed skills to excel.

4. Re-assess the situation

5. Embrace the challenges

6. Find allies & mentors.

7. Be bold & quit


Closing thoughts:

Many people go to work that they are not passionate about. They work for a living without actually living. They are in a constant sad state and are only happy on weekends. I don’t want you to live your life that way. I want you to thrive and grow in your career. The only way to do so is to connect purpose with your work and do your job so passionately that you are ready to go the next day. That’s the way to live to your fullest potential. That’s the way you can say WORK IS FUN.


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