45: Winning with your money with Lauryn Williams


Title: Winning With Money with Lauryn Williams

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn about how to organize your personal finance
  • Learn how to create your money stories.
  • Understand the importance of emergency funds.

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Welcome to Episode 45 of the Winners Ways Podcast. We have a guest on the show today, I am excited and grateful to have this guest join me today. I have learned a lot of insight from my conversation with her. I am sure you will learn from this episode as well. I am thrilled to welcome Lauryn Williams on Winners Ways Podcast. In case you don’t know her. Lauryn is an American Sprinter and bobsledder, a 4-time Olympian. She is a dynamic speaker, and a presenter who is passionate about motivating others. She is a financial coach, a CPA, she is someone that wants people to have success managing and organizing their personal finances. And that’s why we are having her on the show today, to listen and learn from her, so that we can all win with money. 
So, episode 45 of the Winners Ways podcast is about Winning with money. 
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