69: Becoming a dreamer. Dare to dream again


In this episode, you will learn about:

  • 4 Strategies to rekindle your dream.


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Welcome to another episode of the Winners Ways podcast, and thank you for joining me today. Today that the past couple of weeks has been challenging for people all over the world will be an understatement. Millions have lost their livelihood, many are sick in the hospital, and even many more are not sure of where their next meal will come from. This was mainly due to the Coronavirus invasion of our planet. I know that someday soon, we will all look back, not in regret or sorrow, but to praise God for keeping us alive.

If you dream is on hold because of the lockdown, this episode is for you. I will be sharing 4 tips that will help you dream again. By doing these four things, you will be able to not only dream again but gain renewed inspiration that will help you gain some new perspectives.

1. Renewed Inspiration

2. Creative Strategy

3. Persistent Perseverance

4. Unshakable Optimism

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