Episode 14: Impact Makers – How to remain relevant in a competitive world.


This is episode 14 of “The Winners Ways Podcast,” and I am thrilled to have you join me today.

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In this episode, you will:

  • Learn why it’s vital to be an impact maker.
  • Understand how to become relevant and make an impact on your team.
  • Realize why strong teamwork is important for team success.

Everyone loves and crave for relevance. And relevance comes in different forms. It is about giving attention, being connected, and becoming significant to other people. If you are married like me, relevance to your spouse comes in the form of attention. That’s why it is not unusual for a wife to ask for quality time from the husband from time to time. What she wants and what she is asking for is relevance. And this can be vice versa as well. When a wife gets too busy, the husband can want and demand attention as well.


At your place of work, when you receive some reward or recognition, it shows that you are relevant. Companies, these days can choose specific areas to locate their business for strategic purpose. For example, Amazon HQ2 recently moved to New York because the city is relevant for their growth strategy. Apple announced that it is opening a billion-dollar campus in Austin, a move that shows that Austin is pertinent to their business. Why not New Orleans or Houston. By the way, I would have loved them to come to Houston.


So the question becomes, how can you as an individual become and stay relevant in your career, and family life?




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