Episode 26: Get Hired – How to prepare for your next interview.


In this episode, you will:

  • Learn about tips for preparing for interviews.
  • Know what the hiring managers are looking for in a potential candidate.

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Welcome to another episode of the Winners Ways podcast. I am your host, Bola Alabi. This is episode 26 of the Winners Ways podcast, and on today’s show, we will be talking about how to land your dream job. I want you to get hired, and I will be sharing some interview preparation tips with you today. By the way, if you are yet to do so, please go back and listen to episode 25, where I talked about how to write a winning resume. That episode is the foundation of today’s episode.

Interview Prep tips

Congratulations, by now, you have achieved two important things:

1.       Your resume is considered acceptable and fit for the role

2.       You have probably had and done well in a phone interview.

Once you’ve made it through these two rounds of screening, the next round is critical. You need to close the deal. You need to let the recruiter/interviewer know that you are not a fluke, that you are a true representation of your resume and the guy/gal the spoke with on the phone is competent.

To be honest, there are tons of advice out there about best practices for interviews. From whether you should smile or not, what you should (and shouldn’t) wear to the best ways to prepare, everyone aims to perform at their highest professional level when they’re going for a gig they want.

Generally, there are some specific things you should do as you are getting ready for the interview date.

1.       Research the company

2.       Know the role

3.       Don’t be late

4.       Dress for success: Don’t overdress or underdress.

5.       Be friendly – Smile, firm handshake

6.       Over prepare

7.       Sell yourself

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