Episode 3: Finding Your Path


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Some people find it easier to determine what they are meant to do in life. They are just so sure and confident of the path they need to tread in order to create the life they desire. That’s why we hear about people like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft actually dropped out of college to focus on their path.

Most other people regular people typically have to try several things before they can finally decide what they need to focus on. Regular people generally iterate, make mistakes, copy others before they can choose a path to follow through in life.

In this episode of Winners Ways podcast, I will be sharing tips about how to find your path. There are too many distractions and pressure around us, and it takes extra efforts and becoming intentional to find or create a path. I do not believe that success is achieved by mere luck or a form of game of chance. The need to provide food on the table and take care of our family has driven most people to just to the next available thing in order to earn a living.

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