Episode 8: Create your own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate


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Jeremy Ryan Slate – Create your own Life


I am thrilled to welcome my guest on today’s show. He is a Podcast Expert, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Brand guru, and Public Speaker. He is the CEO, and Co-Founder of “Command Your Brand Media” a podcast publicity agency that help to get thought leaders on top-rated podcasts.


He has featured in many magazines such as inc, Forbes, and BuzzFeed.


He is ranked:


  • “Top 100 iTunes Podcast” (Ranked #78)
  • “Top 26 Podcasts to Follow in 2018″ (Ranked #2)
  • CIO Magazine “7 Millennial Influencers To Follow In 2018” (Ranked #2)
  • BuzzFeed “Top 25 Most Influencive Influencers of 2017” (Ranked # 6) – Influencive


He loves podcasting and he launched I have loved podcasting, and he launched “the Create Your Own Life Podcast” in 2015. He has produced over 500 episodes on his podcast.


He has conducted over 340 + interviews with Billionaires, Founders, CEO’s, Professional Athletes and Celebrities ✔

His podcast Have been downloaded over half a million times ✔

He has been featured as a guest on 100+ Podcasts, like EOFire & Conscious Millionaire ✔

Ladies and gentlemen, I am stoked to interview Jeremy Ryan Slate on this episode 8 of Winners Ways Podcast.

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