Dear God,

Times have really changed.  In the world I belong, when a woman becomes pregnant out of wedlock….she is 1st of all tongue-lashed thoroughly…so that any residual demon will flee from her. Then a very discrete arrangement is executed.

Today, baby daddies and mummies are trending.

What used to be an abomination in our world has become a normal….a vogue.

Same sex relationship was totally alien to us before……today our Entertainment industry has demystified it completely.

So here I am Lord, in the presence of a 20-some beautiful lady who is pregnant for a man and in love with a woman.

And Lord You want me to get involved?….Really?

Sonye is a very intelligent girl, if she was a dumb-cat,  I  will understand.  She’s Well spoken,  well articulated,  plain honest…..and now this?

“Sonye, for reasons of clarity,  I  said, are you saying that you are a lesbian?”

“Aunty, for reasons of clarity…Its called bi-sexual and you are prejudiced!” She returned.

Lord, I will slap this girl……

“How? Why?……Jesus!”

“Does Daven know?”

“That she’s my partner?…..yes, but not the tiny details. He asks some questions though..”

Good man, at least this Daven guy has a head on his shoulder.

“Ok….let’s deal with this one after the other….who is she and how did you guys get there?”

She gave me her “I dare-You look”, I  returned it…

Right now the Kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violent will take it by force.

I am not losing this one to stupidity no matter how modern.

She sighed. And relented.

“We’ve known each other since school….

“In US?”

She nodded and looked at me from under her nose….like I was a half-wit.

I ignored.

Part of the settlement agreement in the family during the all-out-war with step mum was that she will go to college abroad.  My friend thought that it will help her unite with her mum who had also remarried and lived somewhere in US.

After she left the country, we lost touch until she came back. Got a very good job, settled in and later started something on the side with a female partner.

I was so proud of her when my friend told me, and felt that she did turn out right after all the mess she went through growing up. Little did we know that the impact of her childhood was more psychological than physical.

Sonye, secretly grew up not believing in marriage….and for her….love is whatever works for you.

“I wasn’t exactly interested in any type of relationships at 1st, she started, and moreover the few I tried went bust. It was clear that the men couldn’t keep their pants zipped for too long, so we decided to experiment.”……she looked at me with a wicked smile on her face.

Maybe she thought I will faint or something…


She sighed again…..impatient with me.

“Girls at school. A lot of relationships weren’t working……not with the opposite sex…..we are too different…..and the gaps keep widening with time.”

“So the birds of the same feathers decided to flock together right?” I retorted.

“Aunty, you need to have an open mind to understand this…..All my life, the only relationships that has lasted and were meaningful are the ones with my girlfriends.  Ask yourself the same question…..of all friends you made in life…who have lasted…..the men or the women?”

“The women, I answered truthfully,  but….I”

“No buts… is about choices remember?”


“So you and this Partner?”

She stared at me for a long time….not sure if she should…

“The relationship was nice and cordial at 1st, but then we started experimenting and it felt good”.

I shuddered.

She eyed me.

“Good enough to leave Daven and raise the child with her?”

“It’s just a proposal”.

“Lucky you….to have 2 proposals from the right and the left wing”, I snared really upset.

What is this world turning to?

“You know you risk jail term in Nigeria if you try this?

She really looked at me bad then.

“1st of all, I am not getting married to anyone, secondly, you need to prove this happened to smack jail term……3rd, If am really game to this….I will go back to the states.

Silly girl,  she has it all figured out.

“Your dad will have a fit if he hears you will have this child out of wedlock…”

“Poor for him…..”

“You don’t care?”

“I didn’t have a fit when he dumped my mum and married his PA….”

“Oh yes girl, you threw a fit… fact you churned up a tsunami…..if I remember correctly…”

She laughed.

“Ok fine, I got over it….he will get over this…”

Then it hit…

“Is this some kinda payback to the parents?”

She kept quiet for some time….maybe thinking it through..

“No, she said at last, I’m just practicing what they preached.  I am making my choices to suit me alone!” She smiled wickedly

Intelligent daughter of a gun! She summed it up so neatly…

When her parents made the choice to divorce, they did not consider her stake in the scheme of things……now she has learnt to make selfish choices.

But the most important thing and a critical pointer is that she has doubts about the choices she intends to make…so there is window for help.

Help us God……please help us…

This is Your daughter and I am checking in.

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