Dear God,

What were the things You noticed or things Adam told You that made You confirm that he needed a help meet for him?

Yes, I always imagined life in the Garden of Eden in the beginning.

You would always come down in the evenings to visit with him, so why was he so lonely?

What did You discuss?

I believe he had the ability to hear all languages and converse in diverse tongues with animals…..Yes? After all, he was made in Your own image, after Your likeness…..right?

So I imagine he would like walk up to the Lion and…..

“Hello Lion buddy, how are doing today?”

“Just chilling Man! the Lion will reply.

“So where is the lioness, why is she not chilling with you?”

“Oh my lioness has gone hunting….am just waiting for my meal here, he will reply.

I Imagine how poor Adam will feel?, him doing all the work,  making all the rounds checking on the animals and still have to fix his own meal?

He meets the snake gliding fast around the bushes.

“Hey snakey, easy, where are you going so fast? He’d ask.

“Hey Adam, good to see you but sorry can’t stop to chat, am gathering enough food for me and wifey……she’s gone to lay us some eggs. We are expecting our little ones soon. Isn’t  that great? Bye man!”

“Yeah…great, congrats!” Adam would return walking away.

“Hello Chimp,” Adam called from far off. “You’re up early. Where are you going? I was coming to visit your family”

“Thanks Adam, we didn’t sleep much last night…..little chimp was running up a temperature.  Going into the forest to pick some herbs….be back soon. Maybe you can come see us in the evening.”

Everyone has a family, he would mutter…..everyone except me…….

Did Adam complain about his loneliness?

Did he ask for a mate or You just thought it wise to give him anyways?

Maybe if Adam had stayed alone….maybe!

I always imagined Your chats with Adam…..

What secrets did You tell him?

What plans did You make with him?

What would have been the alternative to what we have now?

Dad, I want Eden back……Is that too much to ask?

Imagine roaming naked without a care, a fear, a shame or a guilt!

Such purity of mind!

I am just thinking that You knew Adam was going to misbehave, that’s why You put the Saviour into the cumulative equation.

Why couldn’t You just stop the events that happened to bring us to this point in life?

Did Eve really know the implications of eating that fruit? Maybe she didn’t!

I was just thinking that You could have coughed or given her a sign or something before she took the bite.

I was thinking that You could have prevented Adam from being home that day….

I was thinking that You could saved the day.

Why did You send us out of the Garden of Eden after it all?

You could have left us there but guarded the tree of life so we don’t touch it.

Ok fine, some of us will find a way to get it right?


I just want things to go back to the way it all begun.

I am just tired of the pressures and pain of living outside Eden.

Are You really coming again? When?

Does everything have to be so difficult and confusing?

I have heard stories of people who said they died and went to heaven or hell…..

I have heard people who insists that heaven and hell are in our mind…..our reality.


Now, If You love us enough to let Your Son die for us,  why wont You kukuma take us all back to Eden.

Dad, I’d like to see the Garden of Eden again.

I’d like to see world Peace.

I’d like to see true justice for the oppressed.  I’d like to see good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.

I’d like to see a world were mosquitoes don’t bite and lions don’t kill.

I’d like to see Man in Your image and after Your true likeness again.

Take us back, please take us back to the place where it all begun.

This is Your daughter and I am checking in.

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