Dear God,

Finally right?

I know. And I am sorry.

Started with a break, then a space and then I got comfortable. That was wrong and I apologize.

I don’t need to ask if You missed me……that Look on your Face……Hmmn.

My heart never left. My hands were just lazy.

Dad, I have been around the world in Ayaaya…..I have seen things, observed things and questioned things.

There’s a well known saying that “He that is well travelled is wiser than He that is not”.

I am a believer.

My eyes picked things……my ears pricked at sounds, and my heart queried my beliefs.

Seriously Lord, who will go to hell? And where is Hell?

Ok……its too soon to be controversial so I will leave a hint……

I was in a country where based on my belief system will be called “unbelieving”, And I felt like Heaven. Everything and everyone sparkled in white, and I was so sure we were in a rehearsal for heavenly things.

Then I came back to the “supposed believing nation” and the air and the smell made me wonder……Where am I? It hits you right in the face on landing. A clear reminder that Heaven is not a place……..It’s a People…..

I worry about my beliefs now……Lord. I test Spirits, I query concepts and ideologies now.

I have so much to tell You. I have so much to resolve with You.

But 1st let me establish this fact that I did Miss You and Thank You so much for all You did.

My dreams, my Hopes, my Plans, My place….they all fell together in pleasant places.

It took long enough….but am back for real.

Thank You God of the Beliefs and Unbeliefs…..I will never let anyone soak me up with theories of Heaven and Hell.

I know where to find them……somewhere in my Heart.

Love You Dad…..Really missed this heart to heart with You.

I have stories to tell You. Wait for it.

This is Your beloved daughter, I am back and I am checking in.

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