Dear God,

Nothing surprises You right?

It shouldn’t. It couldn’t. It wouldn’t.

Well it does for me….alot.


I had some flight wait time and I needed to use the ladies. That airport was so beautiful that even if I didn’t need to use it, I would have still gone just to see how it spans out.

The beauty took my breath away. Ordinary bathroom ke?

They even put marble seats!

The mirrors were so crystal that I could see every single spot and pores on my face.

Did they intend that anyone will sleep here?

I would…..easily.

My eyes kept picking and dropping other women through the mirror as they entered.

I needed to see each reaction to the beautiful rest room.

I watched as they entered, paused, took in the surrounding and based on whether they had been there before or seeing it for the first time, each will exhale with relieve. Some will smile, Aaah, giggle, or comment.

I tried to decide their nationality or age based on their reactions.

The Americans will Aaaah and declare their admiration……quite an outspoken lot.

The English will only nod and smile.

The teens giggled….no matter the nationality even the ones clad in black ninja attire.

Oh Dad, those Jalabias.

It was everywhere in 2 colors… and white. The men absolutely handsome and intimidating in snow white jalabias with either black or red checkered head turbans. Oh I loved to see them……trailed by 2 or 3 women clad in midnight black ninja dressing……then some absolutely angelic litter of children of different ages.

It was beautiful and very different.

Because I couldn’t tell if the ladies where beautiful or not, I tried to catch their eyes. Even that was impossible.

So my Good Lord, imagine my shock when the ninja woman beside me pulled off her head covering.

And We were alone..

My heart escaped.

Why does it always do that Lord……?

Not fair!……once there’s a sense of danger, my heart will fly out, leaving me alone with my body. That’s so unfair!

You know what was weirder, the lady revealed in the ninja dress was black.

Black ninja here? How?

Every restroom murder scene I ever watched started playing in my head automatically.

Devil is a liar!

Wait for it Lord.

The next thing she said was….

“Please ma, do you have some Naira with you to spare for me?”

I choked.

“Naira?” “How?”

Dollar, I can understand….but Naira?

“Who is she?” A Nigerian? How did she get into this country? Why was she begging?

I stared at her in disbelief, totally unable to say a word. Can’t someone else enter this restroom? I shouldn’t be alone with her!

She put her hand in her pocket and I froze.

“Now she will kill you…..that evil voice whispered to me….she is bringing out a gun or a knife….”

“Calm down”, the good voice said to me “she begged, she didn’t threaten…..she maybe in desperate need of your help”

“Please ma”, the girl persisted darting a disturbed look at the door.

Her voice was surprisingly young.

I shook my head at her and made for the door. Didn’t even bother to dry my hands.

I honestly didn’t have Naira on me but even then the scene was too weird for me to process.

Before I could fully escape she spoke Hausa. It was meant to be a question but I had no clue what it was.

I paused and turned.

Did she just speak Arabic or Hausa?

“Are you a Nigerian?” I asked suspiciously

She nodded.

Father Lord!

This girl is a Nigerian. There’s no which way I will leave her there.

“Come”, I said.

I was very uncomfortable being in the restroom alone with her. I’d prefer an open crowded place.

She quickly put back the head gear and followed me.

My heart raced. Who is she? What is she doing here? What is her story?

Dad, You seriously have a good sense of humor Yes?……..No….am not laughing with You.

You brought a ninja clad lady that needs help to me alone in a rest room in the middle of the desert……abi?


You masterminded that chance encounter right? You had to show me that You are God even in the middle of the desert.

You can reach anyone, anywhere for any reasons.

You are God all by Yourself.

Very well then. You put me through so much tension so I will make You wait.

But I love You…..oh how I love You.

This is Your daughter and I am checking in.

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