Hello sweet lady,

I know you are already walking down the aisle with this man of your dreams …You really are looking all beautiful and glowing….. You’ve waited all your life for this and it’s now only a matter of days and you will be ‘Mrs._’, however, before you proceed, I just thought you should know this few things about marriage.

**Marriage comes with its own huddles and challenges:

Therefore, it is better to settle that part of doing it with the One God has chosen for you. You want to be sure of what you are doing; trust me you don’t want to go through the stress of doubting every moment if you made a mistake. You really should keep your convictions close to your heart, because you will have reasons to consult them regularly to remind you of what you were thinking when you said ‘yes’ #lol

**Marriage is not the end, it’s only a Journey:

Lots of people have this notion that they just needed to get married, and that will be all. There is an everyday life after the wedding day; it is only in fairy tales that the story ends at happily ever after. The real life includes cooking even when you don’t feel like it…. amongst many others.

Marriage is a journey to a better you. This journey will take you to places you like and dislike, you will have to adjust to a life different from your normal background and live with a person(s) whose ways and method of doing some things are different from yours. You learn and unlearn many things, hence you must be flexible. The ways you do things before is not necessarily the only way to do things; you must keep an open mind.

**There will never come a time when there will be ‘TIME’:

You think you are busy now? Wait until you are married, then you will realize you don’t have a time of your own again, and 24hrs will no longer be enough. Mind you, it will get more tedious when the children start strolling in and the time that wasn’t enough for you will need to be shared with your new family. Have you postponed building good culture till when you are married? Are you waiting to have a home of your own before building a good prayer life and bible study… oh dear, that’s super story, it’s fallacy! Welcome to the real world. You will have to fight to maintain and build up your prayer and study life; activities and distractions will strive to take over your daily routine but you just must have to create time to meet with your Lord.

**Love alone is not enough to build a good marriage:

It takes more than love to make it a good marriage. There is the commitment part and there is that part that must do the will of God; never to hold on to grudges but forgive easily even when you don’t feel like it, honor and respect your spouse not because they are deserving of it, submit in everything. Remove that thought from your mind that ‘marriage is not easy’; you need to find rest in God’s strength through which you can do all things.  And most importantly Marriage is a journey of no return so never ever contemplate DIVORCE.

**You will never be compatible with your spouse:

There will always be many differences between you and your husband, yet you must learn to celebrate each other difference… The very thing you admired about your spouse now may be the major cause of offence later in the marriage, but you must learn to grow on to maturity in the midst of it all. Our spouses are God’s gift to make us a better person.

You should know that there is beauty in diversity; where you are weak, that is where your spouse is probably strong and your strength maybe his weakness…. Don’t nag him over his weakness, just supply your strength and remember you are not perfect either.

Ok, I’ll just stop here for now so you can *Selah and I know you still have much to put together anyway…

By the way, remember wedding is just a day’s event but marriage is for a lifetime

*Selah: pause and think

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