For the exceptions of loners, we all know that we need people in our lives. The kind of people you surround yourself with can make or mar your life — it can determine whether or not you achieve your goals. Some people are in your life to love and support you, some are available to criticize and help you improve, and you may even have some that just love to hate you. Yet you need the different categories of people in your life to have a well-rounded experience.

Here are the different categories of people you will find in your life:

1. The Encouragers

When you are down, or maybe you feel lonely or depressed. You need this group of people around you to help lift your spirits. They are the people with positive and encouraging words to tell you that brighter and better days will soon come around.

Why do you need the encouragers?

In the journey of life, you may get to a point where things are not going the way you have planned? When your plans seem not to be working out. When hope is fading, and your confidence is slipping off. These people are there to ensure that you don’t give up by encouraging you to keep going.

2. The Critics

Whenever you set out to do anything worthwhile, there will be some people that will find issues with the way you presented yourself. They always have and will always express their opinions, no matter what your position is. If you take a view on any particular topic area, some of them will tell you that you did not go far enough, while on the opposite end of the spectrum, some of them will tell you that you have gone too far. You cannot please them, so don’t even try.

Why do you need the critics?

This group of people is there for you to look inward and check yourself regularly. If you listen to them, you may sometimes be able to learn from them, not necessarily so you could change your position, but so you can gain different perspectives and opinions, which may improve your knowledge.

3. The Supporters

These are your fan base. To them, you are never wrong. They are always going to be cheering you, watching out for you, and promoting your best interest. If you send out a tweet at 10 AM, your loyal fans are jumping in the next second to like and retweet your tweet. They love you and are always on your side.

Why do you need supporters?

If you want to go fast, you go alone, but to go far, you need other people that share in your vision. These are your supporters. No matter what you do, you may sometime need people to be there for you as supporters, and they will ensure that whatever you do is successful.

4. The Believers

The whole world has not seen your potential yet, but this group of people believes in you. They can see the potential. They are the ones telling you that you are capable, that you can do it. They know you, and they know where you can get to in life, even though you are not there yet. Their words will go a long way to keep you motivated as you continue on your journey.

Why do you need “The Believers”?

Except if what you are trying to achieve is totally beneath your capacity, it is sometimes possible that you may have some doubts about your plans or ability to achieve them. Any worthwhile ambition will require you to stretch beyond your capability. When other people show up to tell you that you can do it, they are helping to boost your confidence, and this will put you in a position to move forward with the plans.

5. The Haters

They are the fault-finding, antagonistic, and character destroying group. If you sit, they will tell you that you ought to be standing. If you run, they will claim that the right thing to do is to walk. If you laugh, they will tell you that you laugh too loud. If you choose not to laugh, they will say you are always sad. How can you please them? No way!

Why do you need “The Haters”?

I’m sure you don’t want them, but you need them to teach you how to love. You know how you feel if someone always hates on you. If you follow the principle of — do on to others, what you want them to do to you — you will learn how to treat people right. You will learn how to love and respect others, even when you disagree.

I have found out that in life, we reap what we sow. I’m sure we all want the people around us to support us, encourage us, and believe in us. But to attract those groups of people, we must also be ready and willing to do the same thing to others. Are you lifting people, or tearing them down? Do you applaud others for a job well done or always find faults in whatever they do? Do you take your time to support people around you, or you only focus on your success?

If you only look for the downfall and mistakes of others, you will attract critics and haters to yourself. If you help others to reach their goals, you will attract encouragers, supporters, and believers to yourself. Choose wisely.

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