O You who listen to prayer, all men will come to You…Ps 65:2

This has become the basics of my prayer life these past few years, having discovered over time that God do care about everything that concerns me. Nothing is too insignificant for him, if it bothers me, then he wants to know about it.

Lots of incidents have proven this fact over and over again, and I can’t help but wonder why God would be anybody’s last option; he should be the first!

Two incidents happened recently and they reinforce this wonderful fact that God cares about what you care about.

My husband got a call from one of his clients that the device they installed wasn’t coming up again. The client had called a local vendor who also had check and claims the device was faulty and needs to be replaced.

Apart from the fact my husband had to replace that device; which means a huge cost of money we didn’t plan for, the distance was also a worrisome 8- 10 hours journey which may be a night journey. While he received the call, I did calculations and permutations of the implication to us and I immediately shifted my focus to God and ask him to take control.

After the call, my husband just called the device back to life in prayer and he also made plans on how to get the device replaced and who to travel and fix it.

But God who always hear prayer did heard us, and the next day, the client called and confirmed that the device did came back to life and they only needed to charge it. Wow! That was a miracle.

The second incident was that my husband lost his car keys some days ago, and had to be using my spare which wasn’t convenient for him. Having searched everywhere, he became really bothered. When he mentioned that he was becoming really bothered about it, I reminded him that there was nothing too small to pray about and I also recalled to him the episode of the client’s device incident.

Right there, he prayed about it and we also prayed about it during family devotion that morning. In my mind, I was sure God has answered and I was curious to know how he will bring this prayer to pass. Few minutes later, while I was in the bathroom, hubby came with ‘la la, behold the key’!… It was buried in the cushion chair. How he knew where to look remained a mystery to me and should not really concern me, all I know is that God answered his prayer!!! and that was awesome!

I remember the times my prayers were just a whisper and they were answered. Even times when it was just a sigh and it got answered. There were times when I was just about to pray concerning a thing, and before I pray, the answer came. Isa 65:24  Even before they call, I will answer, and while they are still speaking, I will hear.These are no coincidence but GOD-incidences and I am grateful to be serving a God that answers prayer; be it little or great.

It’s not like I already have all I ever wanted or asked for, but the answers to what seems like small prayer prepares my heart for receiving the bigger requests. For surely there is an end (a appointed time) and my expectations shall not be cut short…. So I will continue to ask for the big ones and never stop asking for the small ones too.

I therefore came to these concluding questions, if we know that God answers our prayers, why do we find it difficult to pray? Why do we make him our last option? Why do we exhaust ourselves first?

Know this, the strength of man shall fail. But God is all powerful.

We truly serve a God that answers prayers, so go ahead and PRAY!


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