The tongue can speak words that bring life or death. Those who love to talk must be ready to accept what it brings. Proverbs 18:21. The words we speak have power inherent in it. Words are life! We were created by words. Our emotions have a way of responding to the words we speak. For instance, if someone asked, ‘how are you?’ Your response will be shaped by your mood and emotions. Thus, if you want to win every day, then you must learn to harness the power in spoken words to your advantage. One of the ways to harness this power is to be conscious of your response to words especially as simple as this question, “How are you?”

When I am asked the above question, I have made it a point to respond with amazing words even when I am not feeling like the word. I found out that with time, I started feeling like the word – amazing! So here are some amazing words to use in responding to “how are you?” even when you are not feeling up to it. With time, your moods and emotions will follow suit with your words. For example.

Questioner:                How are you today?

Your response:                     Amazingly awesome!

Below are ABC of what you can use as your response.

A Amazingly awesome / Astonishing awesome | Astounding
B Breathtaking beautiful | brilliantly bouncing
C Creatively charming | Classically cool |collectively cool
D Dazzlingly divine | Dynamite Divine | Delightful Dazzling
E Extraordinary excellent | Extravagant exquisite
F Fabulously Fantastic | Fabulously favored
G Gloriously great/ Gorgeously great
H Heavenly homey
I Incredibly inspired / inspirational impressive | Irresistible inspired
J Joyfully jolly
K Kinetic Kingly
L Legendary Lovely | lavishly lovely
M Marvelously majestic
N Nicely noble
O Ostentatiously outstanding
P Phenomenal
Q Quintessentially quiet
R Remarkably Ravishing
S Spectacularly Splendid | Sensationally Superb | Stupendously Smashing
T Tremendously Terrific
U Unprecedented
V Victoriously vibrant
W Wondrously Wonderful
X Xenodochial
Y Yippee Yummy
Z Zestfully zealous


Take your time and consciously respond to greetings with these words for at least three weeks, you will notice a bright and high effect on your moods and emotions. Keep winning everyday!

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