Hmm, having so much to say and wondering where to start; thoughts can sometimes be so difficult to express in word.

Our awesome God rightly said from the very beginning; ‘It is not good that man should be alone’.

This is very true in every area and facet of life not necessarily only in marriage affairs. Man wasn’t meant to be alone, he can’t survive it. It is a proven fact that a baby not touched for many hours will die. Man was created to relate with other people like him… hence he won’t succeed or go far in life without relationships.

You can pray all you like but if you lack relationships, you have a long way to go. When God answers your prayer, he uses men, even if he sends angels, they come in human form. Even Jesus who is our greatest example; though he is God yet couldn’t fulfil his ministry without his chosen Apostles.

The fastest way to be successful is having quality relationships.

Quality relationship is an inestimable currency that can buy anything and take you where you couldn’t even have imagined you can get to in life. I can assure you that anything money can buy; relationship can definitely pay for it too….and without stress

If you have to pay for everything in life with money, then you are not fully utilizing the power of relationships. People that are blessed with positive and influential relationships may not necessarily be rich financially, but they are rich in the people they know. They practically have someone in every areas of life. That is why one of God’s blessings is “you will call one and a thousand will answer you”.

My friend, you need people in places that matters.

While you are struggling to get somethings done, a blessed person has many people trying to do the same for him without stress.

Elisha understood this perfectly when he told a wealthier woman ‘should I put a word for you with the king?’ what a very profound statement. He knew those who matters; the king himself, the highest level of authority. The word of a king is power!

If you have someone putting a word for you in the right places, your success will be smooth. And you will so struggle if you have no one putting the right word for you in places that matter.

There is really no need to over spiritual this matter, while I’m not talking about scheming your way through everything; it sure pays to have someone who knows someone…. I can assure you, it’s easier.

Have you started wondering ‘how do I go about it?’ Here are few points to help you get started.

  1. Pay the price:

Know of a certainty that relationship will cost you… It will cost you time, money and even your pride; in fact, quality relationships are investment. It’s something you have to keep working at, it’s like when you keep sowing and you don’t know when harvest will come. But when you pay the price to see it grow, it will pay off eventually.

  1. Value People:

Treat people the way you want to be treated, treat them like they are great when they are not… value your relationships, and be nice to every one you meet. People don’t look like what they will become and great people sometimes don’t look like it. Be nice to people, “a man of many friends need himself be friendly” (Prov18:24)

  1. Be a giver and not a taker:

It is more blessed to give than to receive.  Meet needs wherever you find it, don’t be a needy person. When you solve people problems, your name comes to mind whenever it comes again. The gift of a man makes a way for him, that little thank you tips can bring you before great man. Don’t come before the king empty handed; always bring something with you; even wealthy people have needs.

  1. Genuinely care for people:

Don’t call people only when you need something from them: if you keep doing that, it won’t be long before they start avoiding your calls. Let your calls bring smile to people faces when they see it. Call to check on them regularly. When people don’t return your missed calls…hmmm… watch it, there’s probably something you’ve been doing wrong.

  1. Don’t look down on anyone:

That gateman you keep ignoring and won’t even greet can open doors you never would have thought possible to open. Remember there are servants in big mansions. Some servants have privileged information you can’t even begin to imagine. Anybody can be your destiny helper, never ignore or look down on anyone.

Money is not the only currency spent in this part of the universe; it is just one of them. There are lots of currencies that can get you far more than money can get you, and relationship is a major one. Therefore, build and value quality relationships.

Keep winning!

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