Simply defined: God is Love and Love is God. It’s amazing the truth that is packed in that three words ‘God is Love, and what is also wonderful is our different interpretation of what those simple words mean to each of us personally. The word Love has different meanings and different interpretations depending on how that word ‘Love’ has been lived around us. Thus, we interpret or explain God is Love with our biases and prejudices. However, no matter what explanation or interpretation we come up with for ‘God is Love,’ it does not change the truth that is packed in those words: God is Love.
For me, the definition I gave was God has Love, like some virtues he possesses just as a dress inside a wardrobe and which he chooses to wear when he needs or wants to and put off when he is done. Like he has certain times when he is in the mood of Love and certain times when he is not in the mood of love. However, the truth of these words is that God is Love and Love is God. Love is who he is, not what he has. Love is his essence and at the core of love is God. We cannot define or explain love without God. He defines Love, he is the definition of love. So simply define: God is Love and Love is God. Any interpretation of love outside God is faulty and false and can never be complete.
God love for us took a more profound meaning when Christ died for our sin. It is like when someone is angry, and rather than pouring the anger on the object, he put on his boxing gloves and do kickboxing, transferring all the rage on the pouch, to vent out the anger, disappointments, worry, etc. Then a relief and calmness come after the kickboxing especially when you see the object of your initial emotion afterward. The feelings are gone, and you are calm to relate to the person. So likewise, Jesus took the punch of sin and the wrath God would have poured on us for our sins and iniquity, he made it all from God for us, so the only emotions God has for us now is Love, that calmness of love.
Here are some simple truths to consider about God’s love to help us in our relationship. When we know how God loves us, it is easier for us to love others likewise. It will equip us with an understanding of how to love others. This I hope will enable us to have a good relationship with one another and provide us to win in life.
God is Love: Love is God and God is love thus, we cannot love outside God neither can we define it outside him. We need God to Love. We need love first within us before we can give Love. We cannot provide what we don’t have. God is the source of Love.
Love is first a decision. It is a choice that we make within us which should not be based on anything outside. So, the next time we profess to love someone, ask yourself, is this my decision or someone else or something from outside is influencing this decision. For example, by and large, before children are born, subtly and unconsciously we make a mental decision to love them.
Love is unconditional: God loves us unconditionally not based on who we are or who we are not, what we do or didn’t do. He just loves us because we are his. Nothing more nothing less. We all yearn that unconditional love, someone to love us just as we are – when we are good or bad, beautiful or ugly. Someone that lets us ‘be.’ So, we should be ready to give this love to others – let others ‘be’ themselves too. Loving unconditionally means irrespective of what the others do or didn’t do. Let make the decision to let others be.
Love keeps no record of wrongs: God does not keep records of our wrongs. Pause and assimilate this. If God does not keep records of ours, we should learn not to keep records for others. The records are not necessary. It’s huge, so let it go and start each new day with new doses of mercy for others as God’s mercy are new every day.
I hope the above helps you in winning in your relationships. Keep winning.

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