We all hate it.

We run away from it.

We don’t want to engage with it.

Sometimes, we even fear it, that we choose a less palatable option.

We love easy.

We embrace easy.

We want everything in our lives to be easy.

Most times, we do everything we can to choose the easy way.

The truth is, nothing extraordinary was ever easy.

Easy doesn’t make us better at anything.

Easy will not stretch us.

We don’t learn new things when everything around us is easy.

Difficult allows us to think outside the box.

Difficult is an invitation to be great.

Difficult allows us to get better.

Difficult is what changes the world.

Difficult can shape our experience.

Difficult can bring opportunities to creates the future we desire.

Difficult does not mean impossible.

It is a challenge to create possibilities.

When next you confront difficulty.

Don’t run away. Don’t stop.

Instead, you must confront it with determination and relentlessness

And say to it — Bring it on.

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